How to Draw a Sea Turtle

how to draw a sea turtle

We know that many of you love to draw animals. That is why we created this guide on how to draw a sea turtle.


Step 1

Firstly, we sketch out the outlines of the torso and head of our turtle. The head outline looks like a small oval. The body is also an oval, but larger and more flattened horizontally.

how to draw a sea turtle easy

Step 2

Let’s add some details to the head. Add the outlines of the protruding forehead and a small short line that divides the turtle’s mouth into the upper and lower jaws.

how to draw a sea turtle cartoon

Step 3

Turtles do not have huge and expressive eyes. It looks like a small oval that runs vertically. On the other hand, we see only the eye socket, which, unlike a human, protrudes strongly forward.

how to draw a sea turtle easy step by step

Step 4

The turtle does not have long, muscular legs. However, the turtle’s feet are great for swimming. It is the turtle’s paws that are a bit like the fins of fish. So let’s draw a pair of front legs that taper slightly downward.

how to draw a sea turtle step by step

Step 5

The shell is an excellent evolutionary acquisition for turtles. Let’s sketch out the outlines of this massive armor. In this step we will trace the bottom edge of the shell.

how to draw a green sea turtle

Step 6

So we continue the guide on how to draw a sea turtle. The hind paw is even more fin-like than the front paw. Let’s draw this smooth shape that expands slightly distally.

how to draw a sea turtle we draw animals

Step 7

In this step, we outline the larger parts of the shell. It looks like large flat plates with smooth and even edges. The lower edge of the shell is formed by smaller plates.

how to draw an easy sea turtle

Step 8

You can skip this step if you weren’t planning on painting any pattern on your turtle’s skin. In our case, we decided to add some dark, contrasting spots on the head and paws of our turtle.

how to draw and color a sea turtle

Step 9

This step is necessary so that you can check the actions from the previous steps. If you notice any mistakes, fix them now. After that, you can remove the extra guidelines and move on to working with colors.

how to draw a cute and easy sea turtle

Step 10

Turtles are quite inconspicuous creatures. Although there are many shades and colors in nature, you can choose any color scheme for your turtle. Darker shades of base colors will help you outline small shadows. The glare inside the eye will make your drawing more vivid.

how to draw a sea turtle

We hope it was easy. If you encounter any difficulties in your drawing, you can write to us about it. We will definitely take your comments into account when we create new guides.

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