How to Draw a Koi Fish

How to Draw a Koi Fish

Today we will tell you how to draw a koi fish. This is going to be a pretty easy tutorial with nine steps. Try to follow the sequence of these steps and you will get excellent results.


Step 1

As you know, we prefer to create cool designs from basic geometric shapes. Therefore, in this drawing guide, we sketch out a regular oval, which is located slightly below and to the right of the center of your sheet of paper.

 how to draw a koi fish easy

Step 2

Another very simple action is drawing the tail. In this step, we will draw the outlines of a smooth rounded shape that curves slightly, in our case, to the right.

how to draw a koi fish step by step easy

Step 3

This will be a very short and simple step in which we sketch out the outlines of the eyes and mouth of our fish. The eyes are significantly distant from each other and are located on the lateral edges of the head.

how to draw a koi fish step by step

Step 4

In this step, we will draw a pair of lateral fins. As you know, the fin is the organ that allows you to adjust the direction of the movement of the fish. This is something like the steering wheel of a car. The fins of the fish are mobile and elastic. Therefore, one of the fins will be slightly tucked up according to our idea.

how to draw an easy koi fish

Step 5

Add a couple more fins to the back and tail of our fish. So this fish must be very fast and mobile. The fins should be significantly different in shape and size.

how to draw koi fish with color pencils

Step 6

The bushy tail is one of the recognizable details of Koi Fish’s appearance. Let’s sketch out the outlines of this tail now. This figure has a sharp narrowing in the proximal direction.

how to draw a koi fish in easy steps

Step 7

The fins are composed of elastic longitudinal segments. So we will not detail these segments, but we will mark it with a few longitudinal lines.

how to draw a koi fish for beginners

Step 8

If we remove all unnecessary guidelines, we get something like this. If your sketch is very different from what you intended, look at all the steps and find out exactly where you made mistakes.

how to draw beautiful koi fish

Step 9

The final step is a little colorwork. We decided to create a traditional koi fish look. Use a dark orange color to depict the spots on the fish’s body. The light beige color is an excellent solution for coloring fins.

How to Draw a Koi Fish

So this was a guide on how to draw a Koi Fish. We hope this was a simple tutorial. If you encounter any difficulties, you can write to us in the comments to this article or in our social networks. We will definitely take your comments into account in our new articles.


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