How to Draw a Sandwich

How to Draw a Sandwich

The team of loves food not only to eat, but also to draw, and in this simple drawing instruction, we will show you how to draw a sandwich.

Drawing lessons from the Food category are very simple, colorful, beautiful and easy to understand. In general, this is an ideal training field for a novice artist.


Step 1

First of all, create a rectangle, which later turns into a side surface of the sandwich. Try to use very light and loose hand movements to create lines in this stage.

how to draw a sandwich easy steps

Step 2

Now, using a pair of light and loose lines, create the upper surface of the sandwich. As you can see, we decided to depict a sliced sandwich, but you can, of course, depict a full square sandwich.

Step 3

Our sandwich has three slices of bread, and in this stage, we will sketch them. And again, you can draw more or fewer slices of bread.

how to draw a cartoon sandwich

Step 4

Let’s start adding the filling to our sandwich. Let’s start from the top and move smoothly down. The top layer is three bent pieces of sausage.

Step 5

We move down the floors of our sandwich. Under the pieces of sausage from the first stage, create three slices of tomato, as shown in the figure below.

how to draw a sandwich step by step

Step 6

Now, with the help of several light lines, we create three more slicing pieces as the artists of did in the figure below.

easiest way to draw a sandwich

Step 7

With the help of several very curvy lines, we create bacon and a large piece of lettuce under it. Do not forget, these are just examples of the filling. You, of course, can draw any other slices.

Step 8

Now armed with the eraser, carefully remove all unnecessary guidelines from the sandwich drawing to get such a beautiful and clean artwork.

how to draw a mini sandwich

Step 9

Of course, you can leave your sandwich sketch in black and white, as in the eighth stage. But we believe that it will be much better to paint the sandwich in order to give more volume.

How to Draw a Sandwich

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