How to Draw a Bread

How to draw a bread

We have prepared a new drawing lesson for you in which we will tell you how to draw a bread. This is a very drawing guide. If you follow the correct sequence of steps, you will get a cool cartoon-style bread pattern. You will be able to impress your friends and acquaintances with your skills, even if you have just recently begun to be interested in drawing art.


Step 1

First we must decide on the circuit of the bread that we will draw. We decided to choose just such a shape, but you can choose the shape of a loaf or round bun.

How to draw a bread step by step

Step 2

Let’s depict the lateral surface of the bread.To do this, we need to draw a small arc that connects to the left edge of the bread and forms a surface.After that, the rest of the bread should be divided into two halves using a horizontal line.

How to draw brown bread

Step 3

Now we will create a bread texture. On the side edge, we should draw small circles. These are the same pores that you could see every time you made a sandwich or sandwich.

How to draw bread easy

Step 4

Let’s work with colors. It will make our bread more appetizing and realistic. We should paint light brown the top layer of the bread. This is the crunchy fragrant crust you love.

How to draw a bread

You can vary your final result of the drawing in other ways. For example, you can create a whole still life with help of this drawing tutorial. In the following lessons, we will tell you about how to draw other objects and products so that you can combine them as you think is right.

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