How to Draw a Rhinoceros

how to draw a rhino

In this very simple ten-stage drawing instruction, we will show you how to draw a rhinoceros.

The rhinoceros is one of the symbols of Africa, along with giraffes and elephants. This animal is very recognizable for its horn that grows on its nose. The rhino is very common in stories, films, and games. And even in the comics, this animal has found its place, because one of the main opponents of Spider-Man is Reno – a man in a rhino costume.

Despite the fact that rhinos are common not only in Africa but also in India, we are more familiar with the African white rhino. And in this instruction, we will show how to draw a rhino using the example of a white rhinoceros.


Step 1

Draw three simple ovals for the head, chest, and pelvis. Use simple lines to mark the location of the limbs and spine. All this is necessary in order not to be mistaken in proportions when we will draw a rhinoceros.

how to draw a rhino easy

Step 2

Connect the head and neck with two simple lines. The neck should be slightly thinner at the head and slightly thicker at the torso. Then, using another couple of simple lines, connect the chest and pelvis, forming a torso.

how to draw a rhino step by step

Step 3

Draw legs with smooth lines. Please note that the leg that is closer to us should look slightly larger than the one that is farther away. This is dictated by the laws of linear perspective.

how to draw a rhinoceros step by step

Step 4

Now draw the hind legs, the lines of which start significantly higher than the lines of the forelegs. Try to draw as accurately as possible all the curves of the hind legs.

how to draw a rhino cartoon

Step 5

Now draw the horns, starting with the front horn, which should be noticeably larger than the back horn. In the same stage, draw a nose and a small mouth.

how to draw a picture of a rhino

Step 6

Draw the lower jaw with an uneven long line. Draw the nostril in front of the head. Finish this stage by drawing the small eye and the wrinkles around it.

how to draw easy cartoon rhino

Step 7

The skin of a rhinoceros is actually his armor. At the joints, the skin is collected in large thick folds. Draw such a fold above the front leg, and don’t forget to draw the tail with a bun at the tip.

how to draw a rhino easily

Step 8

Draw the top line of the neck and the ear. Now go back to the legs and depict the fingers and toes with very thick nails. Do not forget to check the proportionality of the sketch from time to time by looking at it through a mirror.

rhino drawing easy

Step 9

Next, carefully get rid of all the construction lines that were created to facilitate the sketching process. Use a darker pencil or liner to trace the drawing, making it sharper and cleaner.

rhino drawing tutorial

Step 10

Your rhino sketch will be even more beautiful if you paint it in the correct colors. For this, you can use either light gray or shades of gray-brown. You can also add shadows to make the image even more voluminous.

how to draw a rhino

You can also draw additional objects around your rhinoceros to bring the drawing to life. For example, you can draw trees, rocks, and animals in the distance. Or, you can go even further by drawing a rhinoceros in the savannah. To achieve this, you can depict beautiful grass around, a few trees, and a sunset sky.

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