How to Draw a Palm Tree

how to draw a palm tree

In one of the previous instructions we showed how to draw a tree, and today we want to show you how to draw a palm tree.

These two types of trees are fundamentally different in structure, and accordingly, they are depicted very differently. In this instruction on how to draw a palm tree, we want to show all the principles of sketching this perennial plant.


Step 1

Depict the trunk of the Arecaceae with two long and slightly curved lines, as did the artists of These two lines should slightly approach closer to the very top.

Learn how to draw a tree

Step 2

Now depict the leaves, each of which consists of two lines. The tips of the leaves should be tilted slightly downward as did the artists of in the image below.

how to draw a palm tree easy step by step

Step 3

According to the principle that we described in the second stage, depict three more palm leaves above the two previous ones.

How to sketch a palm tree

Step 4

Let’s start adding texture to our palm tree artwork. Begin with the crown by depicting lines in the center of each of leaves.

Step 5

Now go to the trunk by depicting two coconuts under the leaves. After that, depict several longitudinal lines that are equally spaced from each other.

how to draw a palm tree step by step easy

Step 6

Now create the structure of the leaves with a large number of lines depicted as in the picture of artists of below.

how to draw a palm tree for beginners

Step 7

Wipe off all the unnecessary guidelines from your Arecaceae artwork and add the necessary finishing touches. For example, you can trace your tree artwork, to make it more aesthetic, beautiful and finished.

How to draw a palm tree

Step 8

Let’s now paint the palm tree. Colorize the trunk light brown and the coconuts dark brown. Paint the leaves green. To make the palm tree drawing more voluminous, you can depict some shadows.

how to draw a palm tree

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