How to Draw a Mug

how to draw a mug

To be able to draw beautiful still lifes, it is worth knowing how to draw a mug, cup, plate, and other cutlery. We have already shown how to depict a lot of such objects, and in the instruction on how to draw a mug, we want to replenish your knowledge in drawing tableware.

The team of made this instruction as simple as possible, dividing it into seven stages, all lines which are highlighted in red.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing the mug from the very top. Depict a flat oval, which will later turn into the upper brim of the mug. You can check the proportionality of the mug drawing by looking at it through the mirror.

how to draw a mug easy

Step 2

Now use two lines to create the side faces of the mug. The mug can either look like a cylinder or taper down. Again, recall that you can check the proportionality of a mug drawing using a mirror.

how to draw a mug step by step

Step 3

Now use the C-shaped line to depict the bottom of the mug. At this point, you should get the perfect cylinder. If your cylinder is the same as that by the artists of, then move to stage four.

mug drawing images

Step 4

So, let’s turn our cylinder sketch into a mug. To do this, depict a semi-oval in the side, which will later turn into a handle.

mug drawing picture

Step 5

Now let’s give the handle of the mug a more voluminous look. To do this, depict the inner line of the handle. It can either accurately repeat the outer line, or slightly differ, as in the example drawn by the artists of

mug drawing easy

Step 6

Now clean your mug drawing from excess lines, if any, making the artwork beautiful and clean. To make the mug drawing even more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, trace it with a darker pencil or ink.

cartoon mug drawing

Step 7

So, let’s paint the mug. It can be absolutely any color, but we decided to choose red. To paint the mug, you can use paints, color pencils or felt-tip pens. If you are drawing on a graphics tablet, use an appropriate color brush.

how to draw a mug

Since the tutorial on how to draw a mug was very simple, we hope that even the most inexperienced artist can cope with it. To keep abreast of all tutorials from the artists of, be sure to subscribe to us on Pinterest and Facebook.

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