How to Draw a Leprechaun

How to Draw a Leprechaun

In this drawing lesson, we will tell you how to draw a leprechaun. These cute characters from Irish fairy tales are famous all over the planet. You will quickly draw a leprechaun if you follow a simple sequence of simple stages.


Step 1

Firstly we will depict the head and torso of our fairytale character. You can immediately notice very unusual proportions. We see a large long head and a very short flattened body. The cervix is missing.

how to draw a leprechaun easy

Step 2

Our leprechaun has very short arms. And from this perspective, they look even shorter. As you can see, each arm is formed by two rounded shapes.

how to draw a leprechaun step by step

Step 3

Now draw the legs of our leprechaun. We do not see a clear separation betwixt the thigh and lower leg, each leg is a separate rounded figure. Please note that the toes of the boots should point up.

how to draw a leprechaun face step by step

Step 4

Let’s draw the eyes of our leprechaun. Place these two oval shapes at the top of the head. Inside the oval shapes, draw small circles – these are the pupils.

how to draw an easy leprechaun

Step 5

We draw facial features to form a recognizable appearance of the leprechaun. Add a wide short nose and a smiling mouth. The mouth looks like two smooth lines. Do not forget about the bottom line.

how to draw a cute and easy leprechaun

Step 6

So we continue the drawing instruction about how to draw a leprechaun. Draw the contours of the hat. This is one of the most recognizable details in the appearance of leprechaun, so try as you should in this step. The hat should be slightly shifted to the left.

how to draw a leprechaun body

Step 7

Are leprechauns without a beard? Probably if we are talking about a very young leprechaun. But we are drawing a classic leprechaun means we can not do without a leprechaun. Please note – the length of the beard is equal to the length of the part of the face between the beard and the hat.

how to draw a simple leprechaun step by step

Step 8

So it’s time for drawing ears. We see quite large ears. The length of the ears equals the distance from the lower edge of the mouth to the hat.

how to draw a leprechaun cartoon

Step 9

Draw the fists. These parts of the body look like ovals that are divided into parts by smooth short lines – fingers.

easy way to draw a cartoon leprechaun

Step 10

We draw elements of clothes. Again we see nothing unusual – this is a classic Irish leprechaun costume. We draw the bottom edges of the jacket, a pair of buttons and a sweater. I wonder if they ever get hot.

how do you draw a cartoon leprechaun

Step 11

So in this step we will depict short pants and stockings in an oblique pattern. Near the lower edge of the pants should be small folds that look like vertical oblique lines.

how do you draw a cute leprechaun

Step 12

Typically, leprechauns are older men. Therefore, our leprechaun needs a small staff. Let’s draw it.

how to draw a leprechaun draw so cute

Step 13

It’s tome to depict buckles on the shoes of our leprechaun. These are rectangles that have a border and a slight bend. Also do not forget about the sole of the shoes.

how to draw a leprechaun easy step by step

Step 14

Let’s appreciate our leprechaun. Is everything all right with the pose? Is the proportion normal? And is there a sly smile on the face of this fabulous character? After that, we can remove the extra lines and go to the next stage.

how to easily draw a leprechaun

Step 15

In other lessons (post about jeans, for example), we could say that you can choose any colors, but now this will not happen. Leprechaun has green clothes and a red beard. Let’s display this in our drawing.

How to Draw a Leprechaun

So it was a leprechaun drawing instruction which the EasyDrawingArt team prepared for you. We hope that you have felt your progress in art after completing this lesson. See you soon, dear readers of!

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