How to Draw a Kitten

How to Draw a Kitten

In this drawing tutorial, we will tell you how to draw a kitten. Like many other tutorials, it’s very simple. Our guide is specially adapted for children and beginner artists. Just try to draw this lovely pet!

How to Draw a Kitten

Step 1 – Draw the base

Firstly, depict the head and torso. It looks like two rounded shapes that are located in the center of a sheet of paper.

How to Draw a Kitten

Step 2 – Depict the kitten’s face

Secondly, add facial features. Draw the outlines of the eyes, mouth, and nose. Use only smooth lines. So, even the nose does not look like a triangle because of the smoothed angles.

how to draw a kitten step by step

Step 3 – Add a pair of ears

Thirdly, draw the ears. It’s just two triangles. The medial sides of the triangles are double-sided and form a border. The lower parts of the triangles look like small hatching.

how to draw a kitten easy

Step 4 – Draw the details of the face

Add pupils and whiskers. Check that the facial features are in the lower half of the head, this is a typical proportion for many breeds of cats.

how to draw a kitten cartoon

Step 5 – Depict the kitten’s front paws

Draw the proximal parts of the paws. Choose the right place for these three lines. It shouldn’t look like the legs are too long, use the height of the torso as a guide.

how to draw a kitten easy step by step

Step 6 – Add the contours of the toes

Draw the distal parts of our cat’s paws. From below, both paws are the usual straight horizontal lines. From above, you can see smooth arcs. So, between these lines are vertical lines that separate the toes.

how to draw a kitten for kids

Step 7 – Depict the kitten’s front paws

The hind legs have slight curves in contrast to the front ones. The upper parts have a very wide shape and go into a smooth but noticeable curve.

how to draw a kitten step by step for beginners

Step 8 – Finish drawing the paws

Finish drawing the hind legs of our cat. These are large rounded figures that are separated by smooth vertical lines.

how to draw a kitten by pencil

Step 9 – Draw the tail

Add the tail. You can choose any shape, size, and position of the tail according to your imagination. To keep the cartoonish style, we chose a short wide ponytail that points upwards.

how to draw a baby kitten step by step

Step 10 – Clean up the sketch

Erase the extra lines from the previous steps. Evaluate the entire drawing as a whole. After that, correct all errors and inaccuracies.

how to draw a basic kitten

Step 11 – Color the kitten

Choose any color for this lovely cat. Green color will be the best choice for the eyes. In conclusion, don’t forget to prepare a darker version of the base color to draw the shadows.

How to Draw a Kitten

So, we hope you got a great result. We are looking forward to your letters and messages in the comments. We often use your opinion as a guide when choosing topics for new posts.


  1. This is beautiful! I was just wondering if you could maybe add some instructions on how to draw Wings of Fire characters? I am a real fan of the series and I would LOVE to learn how to draw the characters!

  2. Wow…. So nice art ?❤. So good drawing, I like how this page teaches drawing so easily… I also have interest in drawing and I am learning

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