How to Draw a Kawaii Cat

How to draw a kawaii cat

How about drawing something very cute and attractive? We hope you planned this because we created a tutorial on how to draw a kawaii cat.

Step 1

We adhere to a special philosophy according to which the most complex things can be drawn using very simple shapes. So in this guide, we’ll start with two simple shapes. We will simply draw a large circle and a large oval, which overlap a little like in our sample. Notice the difference in size between these two shapes. As you can see, these shapes don’t have to be symmetrical.

How to draw kawaii

Step 2

A very important detail of a cute animal is, of course, kawaii ears. Let’s outline the large ears that take up a fairly large space on the head. Each eyelet looks like a triangle, which is divided by a smooth vertical line.

How to draw a kawaii cat for kids

Step 3

You think drawing the eyes of cute kawaii creatures is very difficult, right? It’s very easy, we will tell you how to do it. And first we outline a couple of circles, as in our sample. A small nose that looks like a triangle and a mouth that looks like a pair of curved lines.

How to draw kawaii things

Step 4

Choose any pose for your kawaii cat. We decided to form a pose in which the cat is going to hug what is in front of him. To depict this pose, you need to outline a pair of short legs with a slight bend. Please note that the paws are of different sizes due to the peculiarities of the angle.

How to draw a kawaii cat for beginners

Step 5

So, we continue the guide on how to draw a kawaii cat. We are drawing a small kitten, whose limbs are not yet fully formed and are very different from the limbs of an adult animal. Therefore, in this step we outline a pair of rounded short hind legs.

How to draw a kawaii cat easy

Step 6

A small detail that is clearly missing here. This, of course, is a rounded tail. Let’s draw this. As you can see, the tail has a slight extension in the distal direction.

How to draw a kawaii cat step by step

Step 7

Let’s erase the extra lines to make our drawing complete. Don’t forget the small detail – a couple of white highlights in each eye. The highlights are of different sizes, as you can see.

How to draw a kawaii animal

Step 8

So we have the last step. As always, in the last step we work with paints. You can choose any color you like, we have chosen light pink.

How to draw a kawaii cat We hope this guide was helpful to you. Don’t forget to write to us about whether you managed to create awesome art. We are looking forward to your comments!


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