How to Draw a Hedgehog

how to draw a hedgehog

Today we will tell you how to draw a hedgehog. This is an interesting animal, familiar to all kids because it is this image that is most often used in children’s books and cartoons. As a rule, hedgehogs are always portrayed as naive, kind, and defenseless. However, they have needles – a worthy weapon when facing an enemy.


How to Draw a Hedgehog

Step 1 – Sketch the Basics

Firstly, draw a large oval and add a small circle to it. This will be the ratio of the hedgehog’s body and his head. From this perspective, it looks like the outline of the figure of a large insect.

how to draw a hedgehog cute

Step 2 – Draw the Front of the Muzzle

The hedgehog has an elongated muzzle. So draw an elongated shape and position it to the left of the head. Depict the line of the mouth with a slash.

how to draw a hedgehog easy step by step

Step 3 – Draw the Eyes and Nose of the Hedgehog

Draw a rounded nose and a pair of oval eyes. As you can see, due to the peculiarities of the angle, the shape of the eyes is very different.

how to draw a hedgehog easy

Step 4 – Draw the Ears of the Hedgehog

Continue to detail the head of this lovely hedgehog. So in this step, draw rounded small ears. Use rounded, flowing lines to outline the outlines of the outer parts of the ears.

how to draw a hedgehog step by step

Step 5 – Draw the Front Paws

Draw the front legs of our hedgehog. As you can see, these are rather short and thin limbs with rounded toes. Use only smooth lines without any angles.

how to draw a picture of a hedgehog

Step 6 – Draw the Hind Leg

Draw the hind leg of our hedgehog. Due to the peculiarities of the pose and perspective, we can only see one leg, which has a bend in the form of a right angle. Don’t forget rounded fingers.

how to draw a hedgehog step by step for beginners

Step 7 – Draw the First Layer of Needles

Mark the approximate boundaries of the area that will be covered with needles. Use short oblique lines as in our example.

how to draw basic hedgehog

Step 8 – Draw the Second Layer of Needles

Create a second layer of needles, which is located inside the previous layer. Notice the direction and position of the new lines in relation to the previous lines.

how to draw a hedgehog cartoon

Step 9 – Draw the Third and Fourth Layers of Needles

Add two more layers of needles. As a result, you should fill almost the entire space of the body of our hedgehog with needles.

how to draw a cute hedgehog easy

Step 10 – Draw the Last Layers of Needles

So finish drawing the needles. Draw a few more layers of needles that will fill the center of the torso. You should end up with something similar to this:

how to draw a really cute hedgehog

Step 11 – Erase the Guidelines

So it’s time to give our hedgehog a complete and clean look. To do this, take an eraser and delete the entire unnecessary auxiliary lines. Next, take a darker pencil or marker and carefully trace the sketch, making the lines darker and sharper.

how to draw the perfect hedgehog

Step 12 – Color the Hedgehog

Use shades of brown for coloring the hedgehog. Pay attention to the light highlights inside the eye contours. The needles should look like light lines on a dark brown background.

how to draw a hedgehog

Well, our hedgehog looks great! And this is another successful addition to the gallery of your drawings. Did you manage to draw the needles, are there many or few of them? Try to look closely at the drawing and see the difficult moments.
Offer us new ideas – we are ready to delight you with new lessons!

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