How to Draw a Football

How to draw a football

For a long time we did not address the topic of sports, right? That is why today we decided to create a guide on how to draw a football.


Step 1

So we start. First, draw a horizontal arc with a very smooth bend. Position this arc at the top of the sheet of paper.

How to draw a football easy

Step 2

Draw the contour of our ball for American football with the help of the second of the same arc. Both arcs should form a shape that occupies almost the entire sheet of paper.

How to draw a football for beginners

Step 3

On the top of this ball, draw a symmetrical curved strip. It should be parallel to the upper arc that we depicted in the first stage.

How to draw a football step by step

Step 4

Shoelaces are an integral part of a classic soccer ball, right? In this step, we will depict eight short stripes that we will turn into shoelaces later.

How to draw a football for beginners step by step

Step 5

Now we will draw two symmetrical seams that are located laterally relative to the laces from the last stage. You can use wavy and not particularly straight lines for this step.

Football drawing lesson

Step 6

Remember the first two steps, right? Now we repeat them only in a smaller version. In this step, we will draw two smooth arcs that are located inside the ball’s outline.

Football drawing tutorial

Step 7

This is our traditional step so that you can look at your sketch before proceeding to the final step. Try to notice all inaccuracies and correct them.

Football drawing

Step 8

Let’s use the traditional color for the ball. This is of course brown and small patches of white.

How to draw a football

We hope this was a very easy task for you. If you have mastered such a drawing guide, then you can take on more difficult tasks, right? So, try to draw another symbol of this beautiful country. We are talking about Captain America.

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