How to Draw a Fairy

How to draw a fairy

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a fairy. You may have met a fairy in the cartoons and on the pages of magazines.

A fairy is a fabulous creature, she is very small in size and has unique abilities. Most fairies are kind characters. As we can see, our fairy has a small dress, high wings, and cute shoes. This image makes her very tender. This fairy lives in the land of elves. Fairies’ favorite color is green, that’s why we see a fairy in a green dress.

How to Draw a Fairy

Step 1 – Draw the Basic Outlines of the Body

Firstly, sketch out the outlines of the fairy’s torso. This is a very graceful creature, so it is best to use small, elongated ovals. As in any female figure, the pelvis, in this case, should be much wider than the shoulders. A smooth curved line that mimics the spine will help you in the correct positioning of these ovals.

How to draw a cute fairy

Step 2 – Sketch the Arms and Legs

You can create any pose for your fairy. In our case, the fairy slightly spreads her arms to the sides and brings her knees together. If you want to create the same pose, sketch out the arms and legs using smooth, curved lines as in our sample.

How to draw a fairy body

Step 3 – Outline the Contours of the Torso

Connect the pelvis and chest using rounded, flowing lines. These lines should emphasize the gracefulness of the female figure and smooth expansion after a narrow waist. Also, draw a vertical line for the face to indicate symmetry and a horizontal line to indicate the eyes.

How to draw a fairy face

Step 4 – Draw Fairy Hands

Draw the smooth, graceful outlines of our fairy’s hands. Due to the cartoon style, the length of the hands is equal to the length of the forearms.

How to draw a fairy easy step by step

Step 5 – Draw Fairy Feet

Draw the outlines of our fairy’s legs. As you can see, these are fairly wide contours that taper smoothly towards the joints. … Note the typical curvature of the shins.

Drawing art

Step 6 – Sketch the Eyes and Mouth of the Fairy

Use the facial lines to draw the outlines of the eyes and mouth. So you may notice large, almond-shaped eyes and plump lips. Don’t forget about the nose, which looks like a short line.

Drawing lesson

Step 7 – Sketch a Hairstyle of the Fairy

Draw the outlines of the hairstyle. In fact, you can create any hairstyle for your fairy. By the way, we decided to use smooth, rounded lines to create a traditional feminine hairstyle with fluffy bangs.

Drawing tutorial

Step 8 – Draw Fairy Clothes

So, we made a rough outline of the face and head of our beautiful fairy. Now sketch out the smooth outlines of the shoulders and the upper part of this little charmer.

How to draw

Step 9 – Sketch the Outlines of the Arms

Draw the flowing, graceful outlines of the shoulders and forearms. The forearms have minimal extension in the proximal part. Also, avoid too sharp contractions and extensions.

How to sketch a fairy

Step 10 – Draw the Hands of a Fairy

Now is the time to finish the work with our character’s hands, isn’t it? Draw long, thin fingers. Pay attention to the shape and size of our sorceress’s fingers. In addition, match the position of the thumb with the other fingers in the palm.

Learn how to draw a fairy

Step 11 – Draw the Hips and Dress

Draw the outlines of the dress and the top of the legs of our fairytale character. You can choose the outline of the dress according to your imagination.

Fairy drawing guide

Step 12 – Draw Fairy Shoes

Choose a shoe shape for this lovely fairy. We decided to paint large, rounded decorations on each shoe. You can add laces, heels, or other parts of the shoe.

Fairy drawing tutorial

Step 13 Draw Fairy Wings

Fairies are pretty fast and mobile. These cute creatures have thin elastic wings that help them to very quickly find themselves in the thick of things. Each wing consists of a long elongated part and a rounded part. The contours of the wings are very similar to that of a butterfly.

How to draw a fairy for kids

Step 14 – Erase the Guidelines

To make your drawing of a fairy look really beautiful and complete, erase all auxiliary guidelines. So you can darken the lines of your drawing of the fairy to make it more expressive.

How to draw a fairy easy

Step 15 – Color the Fairy

Choose the perfect colors for this lovely fairy. Come up with a suitable color for the skin of the eyes, hair, and clothes of our character. Don’t forget that all shades are beautiful. The ideal color for the wings is light blue.

How to draw a fairy

How do you feel about this drawing lesson? Are you happy with the result? As a result of the work done, the fairy should look very gentle and charming. If you have chosen all the colors correctly, then the fairy should look very impressive. Did you have any difficulties? We hope that this lesson was interesting and useful for you and that you enjoyed the work done. There are many other interesting fairy-tale characters that you can also draw in the following lessons.

So tell us, which of the fairytale characters do you like best? Who would you like to draw next time? We always try to create lessons based on your wishes. Finally, we are waiting for the feedback!

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