How to Draw a Cute Animal

How to draw a cute animal

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw a cute animal. We tried to collect the basic principles of drawing cute animals and present it to you in our new tutorial. We hope you can draw your own variations of our cute cat. Let’s get this started!


Step 1

First, we sketch out the outlines of the body of our animal. Moderate body fat actually makes pets cuter and more attractive. To emphasize this feature, we need to use rounded shapes when building the basic silhouette. So, in this step, we sketch out the body and head of the cat using two ovals. The upper oval should be slightly smaller than the lower one. It’s like a tutorial on how to draw a snowman.

How to draw a cute cat easy

Step 2

Fine! Now let’s add a pair of close-set eyes. Each eye consists of two smooth horizontal lines. The lower horizontal lines have a more pronounced curvature. Notice the distance from the eyes to the top and bottom of the head.

How to draw a cute kitten

Step 3

We cannot imagine a cute animal without a funny little nose. Probably you too. So let’s draw a small nose that looks like an inverted triangle and a mouth that looks like two smooth lines.

How to draw a cute cat

Step 4

The little kawaii ears are exactly what we will be doing in this step. The ears of our cute animal look like small triangles that are located on the side of the head. Note the small border that frames the medial edges of the ears.

How to draw a cute baby animal

Step 5

Almost all the basic details of the appearance of our cute animal are ready. This means we can start working with the final details. In this step, we will add the outlines of the pupils (just a couple of ovals) and horizontal lines with which we will outline the mustache.

How to draw a really cute animal

Step 6

So we continue with the guide on how to draw a cute animal. And in this step we will draw the legs of this cat. In our drawing, all parts of the body will be round and smooth, and the paws will not be an exception. Therefore, we draw two rounded shapes in the front and a small rounded shape in the back. The hind foot looks small due to the peculiarities of the angle.

How to draw really cute animals

Step 7

This will be a very small step, here we will add small vertical lines to divide the distal legs into the toes. Please note that these stripes should run slightly diagonally.

How to draw a cute animal cartoon

Step 8

As you know, the position of the tail in animals can indicate their mood. In our case, the cat is a little surprised and that’s why he fluffed his tail. You can choose a more relaxed pose and draw a tail that is neatly curled around the body.

How to draw a cute animal step by step

Step 9

If we remove all unnecessary guide lines, we get something like this. If your sketch is very different from what you intended, look at all the steps and find out exactly where you made mistakes.

How to draw a cute animal easy

Step 10

So now we can work with colors. Choose any color for this lovely cat. Don’t forget to prepare a darker base color for the shadows. The areas inside the ears and nose should be light pink. You can also choose an eye color, but don’t forget the white highlights. This will make your drawing look more lively and complete.

How to draw a cute animal

In conclusion, we hope this was a helpful tutorial. Do not forget to write in the comments about how clear and useful this guide is. We are looking forward to your feedback, this is the best reward for us!


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