How to Draw a Cup of Tea

How to draw a cup of tea

If you want to learn how to draw a cup of tea, then this article will help you do it easily and quickly. In one of the recent instructions, we showed how to draw a cup of coffee, and this instruction will be very similar to it. This instruction will also be divided into ten super simple stages, each of which will be highlighted in red, to simplify the learning process.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing a cup of tea with a regular flat oval. This will be the top edge of the teacup. To check the symmetry of the picture, you can look at it through the mirror.

how to draw a cup of tea step by step


Step 2

Now depict the side edges of the teacup as done in the sketch below. Do not forget that proportionality can be checked with a mirror.

how to draw a cup of tea easy

Step 3

Finish creating the body of the cup by depicting its lower face. Compare your sketch with ours, and if everything is fine, then go to the fourth stage.

how to draw a cartoon cup of tea

Step 4

Now create a line for filling the drink, as seen in our sketch below. This line should partially repeat the top face of the cup.

how to draw a hot cup of tea

Step 5

Now let’s create a cup handle that looks like an ear in this stage. Try to make this detail the most smooth and beautiful.

how to draw perfect tea cup

Step 6

Now depict the inner line of the cup handle to finally form this part. The inner line should almost completely repeat the outer line.

how to draw a simple tea cup

Step 7

Now we depict the plate in the form of a large oval. Again, do not forget that you can check the symmetry of this part using a mirror.

how to draw a cute cup of tea

Step 8

Now create the bottom edge of the plate as shown in the example drawn by the artists of So, all the lines are ready, it’s time to move to the finishing touches.

 how to draw a cute cup of tea

Step 9

Now grab an eraser and carefully wipe off all unnecessary guidelines from your artwork of a cup of tea. Trace the necessary lines to make your work of art complete and aesthetic.

how to draw an old tea cup

Step 10

Paint the cup of tea in any color you want, for example, we painted in gray. You can color the tea itself in a cup in shades of yellow or brown.

How to draw a cup of tea

Using this instruction on how to draw a cup of tea, you can depict a cup with anything, such as coffee or any other drink. We strongly advise you to visit all other categories on and follow us on social networks (such as Facebook or Pinterest) to keep abreast of all updates.

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