How to Draw a Chipmunk

How to Draw a Chipmunk

In this drawing lesson, we will draw a chipmunk – a very cute and beautiful animal. The chipmunk is very similar to a small squirrel.

It is a very pretty animal in the squirrel family. By family ties, it is close to gophers and marmots. The chipmunk has a big difference in the length of the hind and front legs, large ears, it has protective bags for dragging food.

The chipmunks gained popularity in cartoons thanks to Walt Disney, who created the famous Chip and Dale in the 1940s.

So, let’s proceed directly to the tutorial on how to draw a chipmunk, consisting of sequential 11 steps, which we will analyze in detail.


How to Draw a Chipmunk

Step 1 – Sketch the Basics

Firstly, draw two intersecting ovals – one large oval placed almost vertically at a slight slope. To the right of the large oval, draw a small circle – this will be the head of the chipmunk. They should overlap a little with each other.

how to draw a chipmunk easy

Step 2 – Sketch the Limbs and Neck

Connect the head and body of the chipmunk with two smooth lines extending from the head and expanding towards the body. Next, draw a half-bent line at the bottom of the large oval, this will be the tail of the chipmunk. And under the neck, draw two thin lines vertically – the future legs of the chipmunk. Also, draw a half-arc with a thin line from the center of the body – this will be the hind leg of the chipmunk.

how to draw a chipmunk step by step easy

Step 3 – Draw the Ears and Muzzle

The ears are two small arcs at the top of the small circle that denotes the head. Draw the outlines of the nose and cheeks around the circle. Note that the near ear is turned towards us, and the far ear is facing the other way.

how to draw a chipmunk cartoon

Step 4 – Draw the Eyes and Nose of the Chipmunk

This step is simple because you only need to draw the eyes and nose of the chipmunk here. Draw the nose in the form of a heart. After that, draw the eyes. Please note that we can only see well the eye closest to us.

how to draw a chipmunk cartoon step by step

Step 5 – Add Details to the Head

This stage is also not too difficult, here we give the shape to the ears. Draw small semi-arched lines at the edges of the ears. Due to this, volume is given. Near the nose, draw the whiskers using small lines, located in a fan-like manner near the nose. At the bottom, draw the mouth of the chipmunk.

how to draw a chipmunk step by step

Step 6 – Draw the Front Legs of the Chipmunk

At this stage, draw the volume for the legs – around the two thin lines that we had prepared, draw the outlines of the legs with thicker lines.

how to draw a chipmunk easy step by step

Step 7 – Draw the Toes of the Front Legs

Use curved and short lines to draw the paws. At the end of the toes, draw short but sharp claws. Remember to use fairly clear and dark lines.

how to draw an easy chipmunk

Step 8 – Draw the Hind Leg

Now let’s draw the hind leg: around the line showing the contours, draw a large half-arc, reminiscent of the number 2. This is the main part of the chipmunk’s leg. After that, draw a line slightly at an angle – this is the foot of the hind leg.

how to draw a cute cartoon chipmunk

Step 9 – Draw the Toes of the Hind Legs

In the continuation of the foot, in the same way, as with the front legs, draw the toes with protruding claws. Draw the rest of the tail with a long, curved line. Do not forget that you can always check the correctness and proportionality of your chipmunk drawing by looking at it in the mirror.

easiest way to draw a chipmunk

Step 10 – Erase the Guidelines

At this step, you need to erase all auxiliary lines from your chipmunk draw and leave the realistic outlines of the chipmunk without geometric shapes.

how to draw a cartoon chipmunk step by step

Step 11 – Color the Chipmunk Drawing

Paint the main body part dark brown. The belly and the inside of the paws paint in gray. Paint the eyes with black, marking the highlight in them in white. The nose is light pink, the inner part of the ears is light pink with a fawn tint. Don’t forget to add a distinctive feature of this animal – the stripes on the back and tail.

How to Draw a Chipmunk

So, how do you like this chipmunk drawing tutorial? Was it really cute? Such a chipmunk can be depicted on postcards, in illustrations of books, or can be used in animation.

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