How to Draw a Chinese Dragon

How to Draw a Chinese Dragon

In this article, the team of will show you how to draw a Chinese dragon.

We drew a dragon before, but it was a classic European dragon that you might see in games or movies about the Middle Ages. The Chinese dragon differs from the European one in that it looks more like a snake.

So, to draw a Chinese dragon, you can use both classic pencils and paper and an electronic drawing tablet. If your art supplies are ready, then proceed to the lesson on how to draw a Chinese dragon.


Step 1

First, depict the head as an oval. Next, depict the body using a long, curving line. These lines should be done without pressing hard on the pencil to prevent overly dark lines.

how to draw a chinese dragon step by step

Step 2

Now depict another line that will repeat the body line from the first stage. At this point, your Chinese dragon should look like a snake. Body lines should be smooth.

how to draw a chinese dragon for beginners

Step 3

Starting from this stage, use darker lines. Draw the dragon’s long mouth and unusual nose, as shown in the image from the artists of

how to draw animals chinese dragon

Step 4

We continue drawing the head of the dragon. Now depict intricate frowning eyebrows. By the way, notice the Chinese dragon has more details than the classic Fantasy dragon.

how to draw ancient chinese dragons

Step 5

Draw an evil eye under the eyebrow. You can make the pupil round as in our example or narrow like in snake. In the same stage, depict long wriggling whiskers.

how to draw a chinese dragon cartoon

Step 6

Now go to the bottom of the head and depict the beard of the Chinese dragon. The lines of the beard should be tousled and chaotically directed in different directions.

how to draw a cute chinese dragon

Step 7

Now depict sharp teeth on the upper and lower jaws. Note that the front teeth should be slightly larger than the back teeth.

how to draw a chinese dragon drawing

Step 8

Use long and smooth lines to depict large ears and hair on the head of the Chinese dragon. These head details should wriggle just like the dragon’s beard and body.

how do you draw a chinese dragon

Step 9

This detail will give our Chinese dragon drawing a more recognizable look. Using a large number of short, curving lines, depict a comb that runs all the way down the reptile’s back.

how to draw a chinese dragon easy

Step 10

This stage will make our Chinese dragon drawing look even less like a snake. Here it is necessary to depict the front and hind limbs. Please note that they must be small and thin enough.

how to draw a chinese new year dragon easy

Step 11

We continue to draw the Chinese dragon. In this stage, you need to depict large paws with sharp claws. This reptile should have 4 fingers on each hand.

how to draw chinese dragons easy way

Step 12

Now do the same with the hind paws. Here, the Chinese dragon also has 4 toes on each paw. As you can see, the hind paws are no different in shape from the front ones.

how to draw a chinese dragon step by step for beginners

Step 13

Now use a series of short, curving lines to depict a tousled bun at the tip of the Chinese dragon’s tail. This detail should resemble fire.

how to draw a chinese dragon tutorial

Step 14

To give the Chinese dragon drawing a more complete look, depict stripes on its belly. The stripes should follow the shape of the dragon’s body and be approximately the same distance from each other.

chinese dragon drawing easy

Step 15

So, put your pencil aside and take an eraser to get rid of unnecessary construction lines from the Chinese dragon drawing with it. Make all the necessary lines clearer and more finished.

how to draw a Chinese dragon easy

Step 16

So, the instruction on how to draw a Chinese dragon is completed. Now it’s time to paint it. In order to achieve the most authentic look, the team of advises using a combination of red and yellow-gold colors.

How to Draw a Chinese Dragon

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