How to Draw a Chibi

how to draw a chibi loves the anime theme, and we created a lot of instructions on this topic. And in the article on how to draw a chibi, we want to introduce you to this cute variation of anime characters.

Characters in this style are drawn very simply and have their own distinctive features. First of all, it is a large head combined with a small body, giant eyes and a minimal amount of detail. These and all other distinctive points will be discussed in this very simple instruction on how to draw a chibi.


Step 1

Let’s start with the head by sketching it in the form of an oval shape. Try to make this geometric shape using light and translucent lines.

how to draw a chibi boy

Step 2

Now create a torso as did the artists of It, as mentioned below, should be smaller than the head. Next, connect the head and torso with a short neck.

how to draw a chibi character

Step 3

Arms and legs, like the torso, should be very small. Try to depict them using the lightest lines. In our example, a chibi stands directly with hands in pockets, but your example may be in a different position.

 how to draw a chibi for beginners

Step 4

Let’s get down to the details in the chibi drawing. Let’s start with the eyes, depicting them in the form of simple ovals. Over the eyes, depict the eyelids in the form of two arched lines.

how to draw a chibi for beginners step by step

Step 5

Depict small pupils and wide eyebrows. Little lower depict the mouth in the form of a small curve. Note that chibi characters rarely have a nose.

how to draw a chibi guy

Step 6

Depict the ear in a simple semicircle. Further, rise higher and depict a hairstyle. By the way, you can attend our instruction on how to draw anime hair to learn more about it.

how to draw a chibi

Step 7

The details of the head are completed, and it is time to proceed to the details on the body. They are also not many, and they consist mainly of clothing items. At the top, create the folds of the t-shirt, at the bottom depict the folds of the pants, and in the middle sketch the bottom edge of the t-shirt.

chibi drawing base

Step 8

Now temporarily set aside the pencil, and using the eraser, clear your chibi drawing from excess lines. Next, take a darker pencil or ink and make your chibi drawing more clear and aesthetic.

chibi drawings cute

Step 9

It’s time to give the chibi drawing a little more life. To do this, use your tools to paint the chibi either in the colors presented in the example from the artists of, or select any other colors.

how to draw a chibi

The team of tried very hard to make the instruction on how to draw a chibi very simple and understandable even for a child. Write to us, was this instruction really simple? We read all your comments and respond to many of them.

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