How to Draw a Blue Whale

How to Draw a Blue Whale

Today I will tell you about how to draw a blue whale. This is a very large animal, however, it is not a very difficult object to draw. Try to repeat these steps and you will get great results.

How to Draw a Blue Whale

Step 1 – Draw the base

Firstly, draw the outlines of the torso. Place this flattened asymmetrical shape in the center of the paper sheet.

how to draw a blue whale step by step

Step 2 – Add the head and part of the tail

Secondly, depict two elongated shapes in front and behind. These are the approximate contours of the head and tail of our whale.

how to draw a blue whale cartoon

Step 3 – Draw the mouth and eye of the whale

Whales have huge mouths. Draw a rough line that separates the upper and lower jaw. After that, add a small dot to represent the eye.

how to draw a blue whale easy step by step

Step 4 – Depict the fins

The huge body of the whale is controlled by small fins and a large tail. Let’s draw the fins in this step. So, the eye will be a good guide so that you don’t make a mistake with the location of the fins.

how to draw a blue whale body

Step 5 – Draw the tail

And now draw the distal part of the tail. In fact, these processes are symmetrical. We see them differently because of the angle.

how to draw a simple blue whale

Step 6 – Add the smooth lines

Add relief which is located under the lower jaw. It’s a bit like the vertical web on Spider-Man’s suit. In our case, the lines gradually narrow towards the lateral fin.

how to draw blue whale images

Step 7 – Clean up the drawing

Delete unnecessary lines from the previous steps. Evaluate the entire drawing for the correct proportions and individual lines. After that, correct the mistakes.

blue whale drawing step by step

Step 8 – Color your blue whale

It looks like a cross between blue and grey. Don’t forget to take a darker shade of the base color to represent the shadow.

How to Draw a Blue Whale

So, we have completed this drawing tutorial on how to draw a blue whale. We hope you didn’t have any problems with our drawing guide and got an excellent art.  Didn’t this happen? Be sure to write to us about it in comments. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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