How to Draw a Blue Jay

how to draw a blue jay

Today we will tell you how to draw a blue jay. This is a very simple tutorial that will help you create a great result. Try to follow the sequence of steps and avoid excessive detail. Do not forget to write in the comments about how successful you worked with this drawing guide.

How to Draw a Blue Jay

Step 1- Create the base of the Blue Jay

Firstly, draw the approximate contours of the head and torso. The body looks like an oval, the head looks like a slightly flattened circle. Both figures are displaced in a diagonal direction.

how to draw a blue jay step by step

Step 2 – Draw the neck and tail

Small birds rarely have long necks. There is no exception, in this case, so use a couple of short lines to connect the head and torso. So, add a long, curved tail.

how to draw a blue jay cartoon

Step 3 – Depict the beak

Drawing a beak is a very simple thing. So, just draw two triangles with an adjacent side. It can also be represented as a diamond that is divided by a long horizontal line.

how to draw a blue jay easy step by step

Step 4 – Draw the details of the head

Depict the contours of the eye and crest. Pay attention to the very close location of the eye and beak. The crest should be directed slightly obliquely and back.

how to draw a blue jay easy

Step 5 – Add the outlines of the wing

Draw the outlines of the wing. As you can see, the rear edge of the wing coincides with the rear edge of the bird’s body. Add some outlines of large feathers, avoiding too much detail.

how do you draw a blue jay

Step 6 – Draw the paws and abdomen

Add the outlines of the paws and abdomen. The contours of the paws have smooth, noticeable bends and extensions up and down.

how to draw a simple blue jay

Step 7 – Add the bird’s fingers

Draw the lower parts of the paws. In our case, this bird is standing on the ground, so the fingers are horizontal. Arrange it differently if your idea is for the bird to hold on to a branch or is in flight.

blue jay drawing

Step 8 – Clean up your drawing

Delete all extra lines. You can remove some feathers if you see too much detail. So, if you do not see mistakes and inaccuracies, you can safely proceed to coloring.

blue jay drawing step by step

Step 9 – Color your Blue Jay

Color this beautiful bird. Dark lilac and light lilac colors are excellent choices. Finally, pay attention to the glare inside the eye. It brings the whole drawing to life.

how to draw a blue jay

So, we hope this was a really useful lesson. To practice your drawing skill, you can draw some more animals and birds from the special category. We are always waiting for you on the pages of our site!

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