How to Draw a Banana

how to draw a banana

Do you like fruit? We hope that you really love them because today we have created a lesson on how to draw a banana.


Step 1

First, we draw a outline of a banana. We have chosen a horizontal arrangement, therefore the contour settles down horizontally. The two ends of the banana should be slightly different in shape.

how to draw a banana step by step

Step 2

How do you peel a banana? Many people are convinced that the most convenient way to peel a banana is to break off the stalk and bend the peel attached to this stalk. In this step, we will depict exactly this stalk. In the lower part of the stalk there is a slight narrowing on one side. The upper part of the stalk is formed by almost right angles.

how to draw a banana easy

Step 3

There are also many people who prefer to tear off a banana skin at the flat end. Surely you have noticed this small thickening many times. Let’s draw it.

how to draw a banana step by step for beginners

Step 4

In this step, we will add a longitudinal line that runs through the entire fetus. This line should be parallel to the top edge of the banana. Try to make this line very smooth and even. It will be ideal if you draw it without any auxiliary tools.

how to draw a banana cute

Step 5

There are no particularly difficult details or obscure camera angles in this drawing guide. However, if you see any inaccuracies or errors, you can correct them right away.

how to draw a cool banana

Step 6

You can choose different colors for our banana, depending on how much ripe banana you go to see on your paper. If you want to draw it slightly overripe you can add some dark spots throughout the banana.

how to draw a banana

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