How to Draw a Backpack

how to draw a backpack

The lesson on how to draw a backpack is simple, but nevertheless, there are some nuances in it that will help to draw a rucksack more correctly.

By tradition, we divided this instruction into several very simple stages and marked new lines in red to simplify the learning process as much as possible.

So, to start drawing a backpack you will need your favorite set of art supplies, whether it be a pencil with paper or a graphics tablet.


Step 1

First of all, we depict the contours of the knapsack. To do this, create such an oval with a flat bottom. In this stage, it is more like some kind of stone. But starting from the next stage, the backpack will begin to take on more recognizable shapes.

Step 2

As we said earlier, now we will give our backpack artwork a more recognizable and appropriate look. To do this, create two straps behind the figure we sketched earlier. Do not try to make all the lines perfectly smooth and dark, because in the future we will need to make changes to them.

Step 3

At the top of our rucksack artwork out the grab handle using a couple of loose curved lines. Next, connect the belt to the bottom of the rucksack as shown in the figure drawn by the artists of

how to draw a backpack step by step

Step 4

This stage will be even easier than all the previous ones. Here you just need to depict a zipper on the front surface of the rucksack using two long curved lines. Remember to also sketch a little slider at the end of this zipper.

Step 5

Let’s repeat the same action but at the upper part of the rucksack. That is, here we will also need to depict a pair of long curved lines and form another zipper from them. In fact, there can be any number of zippers on a rucksack, so experiment, add different types of backpacks.

Step 6

Let’s now add a few details that will give our rucksack a more complete look. For these purposes, we first depict the logo in the front upper part and a small pocket underneath. You can also add another zipper or any other detail that may be on a backpack.

Step 7

Now take an erasure and wipe off all guidelines, making your rucksack artwork clean and beautiful. If necessary, trace and darken the necessary parts and lines. And of course, color a backpack in your favorite color. Colored pencils, paints or felt-tip pens are perfect for these purposes.

how to draw a backpack

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