How to Draw Zuko

zuko drawing for kids

Now we will show you how to draw Zuko. With the help of this lesson, you will practice drawing a human figure and the acquired skills will be useful to you in the future.

So, here is a detailed instruction on how to draw Zuko. This is a character from the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Zuko is introduced as the Prince of the Fire Nation.

Zuko has a large scar around his left eye from a fire duel. In the drawing, Zuko is dressed in a combat suit. The position of Zuko’s body suggests that he is tense and ready to join the fight at any moment.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Zuko

  1. Prepare the base.

    Draw the main parts of the body in the form of figures of various shapes. With the help of a vertical line mark the central axis of the to draw zuko from avatar

  2. Add the limbs.

    With the help of several thin lines depict the position of the upper and lower limbs. Draw the folds as large to draw zuko full body

  3. Detail the head.

    Focus on the auxiliary lines and make the oval of the face more clear and expressive. Draw the thick to draw zuko easy

  4. Draw the facial features and neck.

    Depict one eye, nose, and mouth. Draw the scar in place of the second eye. From the head, draw down smooth lines and depict the neck. Add the folds on the to draw zuko step by step

  5. Start drawing the clothes.

    Draw the shoulders and side outlines of the clothes. Draw the belt at the bottom. With the help of smooth lines depict the to draw zuko from avatar easy

  6. Depict one arm.

    Use the guidelines as a guide and give the arm the desired shape and thickness. Draw the hand that is clenched into the fist and draw the wide short sleeve.zuko drawing lesson

  7. Add the second arm.

    Draw the second arm in the same way as the first. Give the second hand the desired shape and thickness.simple zuko drawing tutorial

  8. Draw the bottom outline of the clothes.

    From the waist, draw smooth lines down to depict the side contours of the clothing, add the bottom outline. Draw curly elements at the bottom of the clothes.cartoon zuko drawing

  9. Sketch out one leg.

    Focus on the auxiliary lines and give one leg the desired shape and thickness. Draw the wide trouser leg and draw the boot in which the toe is curved up.zuko drawing step by step

  10. Add the second leg.

    Draw the second leg in the same way as the first. We hope that you will not have any difficulties during this step.simple zuko drawing

  11. Correct inaccuracies.

    Now the main outlines are drawn and you can carefully remove the auxiliary lines. If you notice errors, correct them at this stage.easy zuko drawing

  12. Color the drawing.

    Paint the skin beige, paint the hair black. For coloring clothes, use different shades of brown and maroon.zuko drawing for kids

The lesson is over, and now you can evaluate the result of your work. We hope that you tried your best at each stage of drawing and Zuko in your drawing is easily recognizable. If you want to be aware of all the new products, then subscribe to us on social networks.

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