How to Draw Yugioh

 Yugioh drawing easy

We invite you to a new drawing lesson in which we will show you how to draw Yugioh. We tried to make this step-by-step guide as simple and clear as possible.

Furthermore, we are glad that you are striving to improve your artistic abilities, and we invite you to complete a fascinating lesson on how to draw Yugioh. This is a fragile teenager who loves games very much. Yugioh is very good-natured, but he is always ready to stand up for his friends.

Yugioh has an unusual star-shaped hairstyle. During the lesson, carefully draw all the lines so that this character is as similar as possible to our example.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Yugioh

  1. Draw the baselines.

    Indicate the position of the head, thoracic region and pelvis using figures of various shapes. Draw a line to indicate the central axis of the to draw yugioh characters

  2. Sketch out the limbs.

    Use straight lines to mark the position of the arms and legs. Draw the folds as large to draw yugioh step by step easy

  3. Start detailing the head.

    Be careful in this step and try to draw the outline of the hair correctly. The hairstyle consists of several strands that resemble the to draw yugioh easy

  4. Add facial features and the collar.

    Draw the large eyes, with the help of short strokes depict the nose and mouth. Make the oval of the face more clear and add the ear. Draw the collar.How to Draw Yugioh for beginners

  5. Depict the decoration on the chest.

    Draw the chain on the chest, which consists of oval links and add the large pyramid-shaped pendant below.Yugioh drawing lesson

  6. Continue drawing clothes.

    In this step, you need to mark the shoulder and side contours of the clothes, in the middle add some folds. Draw a curly element near the shoulder.Yugioh drawing tutorial

  7. Draw one arm.

    Focus on the auxiliary lines and give the arm the desired shape and thickness. Draw the large bracelet and draw the rectangular card between the fingers.Yugioh drawing guide

  8. Sketch out the second arm.

    This step is similar to the previous one and here you also have to give the arm the desired shape and thickness. Draw the bracelet and the hand in which the fingers are clenched into the fist.simple Yugioh drawing

  9. Draw the belt.

    Sketch out the wide belt that wraps around the waist twice. Draw the buckle and many holes on the belt.cartoon Yugioh drawing

  10. Add one leg.

    Use the guidelines as a guide and give the leg the desired shape and thickness. Draw the folds on the trousers and draw the boot at the bottom.easy Yugioh drawing

  11. Depict the second leg.

    Draw the second leg in the same way as the first. Try to carefully draw all the lines and observe symmetry.Yugioh drawing

  12. Draw the cape.

    Depict the wide cloak, the ends of which are raised up. Try to correctly depict all the bends on the fabric.Yugioh drawing step by step

  13. Correct inaccuracies.

    Now you can remove all extra lines in the drawing. Correct any mistakes as necessary to prepare the drawing for coloring.step by step Yugioh drawing

  14. Color the drawing.

    Color the skin in beige, color the hair in brown, purple, and black. For coloring clothes, use black and blue.Yugioh drawing easy

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