How to Draw Xerneas

In this lesson we will show you how to draw Xerneas. We hope that you are interested in the topic of Pokémon and this step-by-step guide will be very useful for you.

So, here is a detailed instruction on how to draw Xerneas. This is a peaceful creature that is very similar to a deer. This is a legendary, incredibly powerful Fairy-type Pokémon.

Xerneas has surprisingly large, branched horns of an unusual shape. Each horn has multicolored processes. Outgrowths are located on the sides of the head and on the chest, and there are no hooves on the legs.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Xerneas

  1. Prepare the base.

    Indicate the position of the head, thoracic region and pelvis using rounded figures of various to draw xerneas step by step

  2. Depict the outline of the back and tail, add the limbs.

    Draw a smooth line down to represent the back and tail. Using a few thin lines, mark the position of the front and hind to draw xerneas easy

  3. Sketch out the horns.

    On each side of the head, draw four long, smooth lines at some distance from each other. It looks like a to draw xerneas pokemon

  4. Add elements of the muzzle.

    Draw the eye and using smooth curved lines add the elongated outgrowth from the tip of the nose to the top of the to draw mega xerneas

  5. Draw outgrowths on the head.

    Add the outline of the nose and depict the spiky outgrowths on the sides using curved lines.xerneas drawing lesson

  6. Depict the horns on one side.

    Use the guidelines as a guide and give the horns thickness and shape. Add the bulbous oval outgrowths at the base and spiky outgrowths at the ends.xerneas drawing tutorial

  7. Add the horns on the other side.

    In this step, you also need to give the horns the desired shape and thickness. Please note that here the horns are shown from a different angle, so the processes are located differently.xerneas drawing guide

  8. Draw the neck.

    Below the head, draw smooth lines to depict the long, thin neck. On the side of the head, add the visible part of the protrusion using a curved line.simple xerneas drawing

  9. Detail the chest.

    From the neck, draw smooth lines to the sides and depict the outgrowths, the ends of which are turned in opposite directions. Add the stripe on the back.cartoon xerneas drawing

  10. Sketch out the tail and contours of the torso.

    With the help of smooth lines depict the back and lower part of the body. Detail the thoracic region and add the puffy tail.xerneas drawing step by step

  11. Draw the hind limbs.

    Use curved lines to depict the hind limbs located at some distance from each other.xerneas drawing

  12. Depict the front limbs.

    Use the guidelines as a guide and give the forelimbs the desired shape and thickness. Draw the contours where the color will be different.step by step xerneas drawing

  13. Detail the back.

    On the back, successively draw several small ovals on each side, as shown in the example.easy xerneas drawing

  14. Correct inaccuracies.

    Now the main contours are ready, and you can evaluate the result of the work. If you notice mistakes, then immediately correct them and remove the extra to draw xerneas for beginners

  15. Color the drawing.

    Color the horns and part of the muzzle in gray. Color the chest in blue and color the rest of the body in shades of gray. Color the processes on the horns with bright colors.xerneas drawing very easy

The next lesson has come to an end, and now you have learned how to draw Xerneas. We will be glad to receive feedback from you. Subscribe to us on social networks to follow the updates on the site.

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