How to Draw Thanos

how to draw thanos easy

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw Thanos. You might think that this is a rather complex character. However, we offer you several steps so that you get an excellent result.

Step 1

Firstly, we outline the approximate contours of our character. We use large rounded asymmetrical figures and a smooth line for this. Pay attention to the shape of the figures and the distance between them, this is very important. In the future, it will be the head, chest, and pelvis of the sinister Titan.

how to draw thanos glove

Step 2

Let’s outline the limbs. It looks like long sticks interspersed with small circles. All limbs have minimal bending except for the left arm, which bends at a right angle in the elbow joint. Calculate the size of the sticks correctly. Do not forget to compare the proportions of the limbs with the proportions of the body. Note that feet and hands are not included in this markup.

how to draw thanos step by step

Step 3

Let us begin to shape the silhouette of our almighty strong man. Here we make the traditional joints of the head with the chest and the chest with the pelvis. Pay attention to the unusual contours of the neck. The right contour begins almost from the back of the head. This technique will form a powerful, athletic figure.

how to draw thanos infinity gauntlet

Step 4

Let’s make it a truly huge villain. Draw large arms that consist of wide, massive cylinders and large circles. The circumference of the fist is approximately equal to the circumference of the upper part of the shoulder.

how to draw thanos glove easy

Step 5

Similarly we will draw the contours of the legs. These are coarse and large contours with noticeable bends. Use the lines from the second step as guidelines. After that, we can start working on the details.

how to draw thanos avengers endgame

Step 6

Now we will add a variety of details to make our drawing complete. As always, we will do this starting from the head. So, in this step, we outline the eyes close together, a large nose and mouth that looks like an arc. The mouth should be located very far from the chin and very close to the nose.

how to draw thanos avengers

Step 7

In this step we will form the final oval of the face. Consider the overhanging superciliary arches and the prominent chin. We outline a small contour of the ear. The upper edge of the ear coincides with the eyebrows, and the lower edge coincides with the tip of the nose.

how to draw thanos infinity war

Step 8

So in this step we will add a small relief to the face of our Thanos. Draw eyebrows, nasolabial folds, and cheekbones. It is also imperative to outline vertical folds on the powerful chin of the crazy Titan.

how to draw thanos body

Step 9

The case of the sinister Titan is what we will do in this step. Denote a fairly noticeable bend at the waist. The shoulders and legs should look very large and powerful. Add the contours of the belt and go to the next step.

how to draw thanos step by step full body

Step 10

Add the external contours of the hands. The forearms should gradually taper towards the fist. The shoulder has bulges in the biceps (this is the inner surface) and triceps (this is the outer surface). Remember to outline the Gloves of Infinity.

how to draw thanos for beginners

Step 11

If you draw the huge fists of a supervillain or the small hands of a young girl, you use the same patterns. So we talked about it in the lesson about how to draw hands, do not forget to look at this article.

how to draw thanos full body easy

Step 12

So we continue the guide on how to draw Thanos.  Add the large, massive contours of the legs and boots of our formidable supervillain. A sharp bend in the lower leg area will emphasize powerful, large legs.

how to draw thanos comic

Step 13

And now we will work with shoes. Like all other elements, shoes should look as rough and large as possible. Do not forget to depict the sole in the form of the hem and a couple of folds near the toes of the boots.

how to draw thanos comic version

Step 14

Is your Thanos formidable enough? If he is very impressive you did a great job. If you see any errors or incorrect proportions, please correct them in this step. In addition, you can bring your sketch to the mirror to better see errors and inaccuracies

how to draw thanos easy step by step

Step 15

If you want to create the classic look of Thanos, you can use the color scheme from our drawing. Store in advance the dark shades of the colors used to create the shadows.

how to draw thanos easy

So it was a drawing guide about how to draw Thanos. We hope this was a useful guide for you. Do not forget to write in the comments about how well you managed to complete this task.

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