How to Draw Thanos Face

 Thanos Face drawing step by step

We bring to your attention a fascinating step-by-step guide in which we will show you how to draw the face of Thanos. We tried to make this instruction as simple and clear as possible so that you get a good result right away.

If you are interested in comic book characters, then you will certainly enjoy the lesson on how to draw Thanos’ face. He is a super villain who has a dark purple complexion, small blue eyes, and a large chin.

Thanos’ face is covered with multiple folds. There is a protective helmet on the head. Here Thanos looks very menacing. Carefully follow all the drawing steps so that in the end the character is easily recognizable.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Thanos Face

  1. Prepare the base.

    Determine the size and location of your drawing and with thin lines draw the outline of the head in the shape of an to draw thanos face easy

  2. Depict the eyes.

    Draw the outer contour of the eyes and inside add the irises and pupils. The Thanos have the small eyes that are located just above the middle of his head. Keep these to draw thanos realistic

  3. Draw the helmet.

    With the help of curved lines draw the outline of the helmet. Be careful and careful at this step and observe symmetry.How to Draw Thanos Face for beginners

  4. Sketch out the nose.

    With smooth lines, the nose is the same shape as in our example. In the middle of the nose, add few folds of the skin.Thanos Face drawing lesson

  5. Add the mouth.

    Draw the wide mouth with a smooth line. Carefully draw the outline of the upper and lower lips of the same shape as in the example.Thanos Face drawing tutorial

  6. Draw the chin.

    Focus on the auxiliary line and give the chin the desired shape. With curved lines, successively depict the grooves along the lower contour.Thanos Face drawing guide

  7. Add the skin folds.

    Draw the small creases near the eyes, add the nasolabial folds and draw creases on the chin.Thanos Face drawing for beginners

  8. Draw the grooves.

    With the help of jagged lines draw some grooves on the cheeks, on the lower lip and on the chin.simple Thanos Face drawing

  9. Detail the helmet.

    With the help of smooth curved lines, depict curly elements on the helmet, while maintaining symmetry.cartoon Thanos Face drawing

  10. Correct inaccuracies.

    Take a close look at the drawing and compare it with our example. If you notice errors, correct them immediately.easy Thanos Face drawing

  11. Color the drawing.

    To color the skin, you will need different shades of purple. The helmet color in gray and black.Thanos Face drawing step by step

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