How to Draw Squidward

how to draw Squidward

Today in this lesson you will learn how to draw Squidward step by step. This guide consists of a few simple steps.

We have prepared for you a useful drawing lesson in which you will learn how to draw Squidward step by step. This step-by-step instruction consists of twelve steps. Squidward is a turquoise octopus with purple suction cups at the ends of its tentacles.

We are sure that you will enjoy this lesson, as it is about drawing a character from everyone’s favorite cartoon. If you carefully follow the instructions, then you will definitely get an excellent drawing, even if you still have very little drawing experience.

The ability to draw the emotions of various characters and people is a very important skill for artists. If you’re ready to get started with this tutorial, you can get your art supplies ready right now and enjoy the creative process!

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Squidward

  1. Draw the outlines of the character’s head.

    To draw the head, draw an oval, and also add three straight lines below it, depicting a trapezoid-like figure without an upper to draw squidward easy

  2. Add the neck of the character’s torso.

    Below, the previously drawn heads depict the long, thin neck using straight lines, as well as the torso in the form of a figure similar to an to draw squidward step by step

  3. Depict the outlines of Squidward’s facial features.

    Sketch out two oval eyes, and also add the Squidward’s nose as a teardrop to draw squidward easy step by step

  4. Add elements on the eyes and wrinkles on Squidward’s forehead.

    Now you have to draw a few simple elements. Draw two large dots, and also add straight lines and arcs on Squidward’s to draw the squidward painting

  5. Sketch out the character’s mouth.

    In this image, you can see that the corners of Squidward’s mouth are down. Use rounded lines to depict to draw squidward step by step easy

  6. Draw the Squidward’s shirt.

    Depict the collar, sleeves, and body of Squidward’s shirt using curved lines as to draw cartoon squidward

  7. Depict the character’s arms.

    On the right and left sides of Squidward’s torso, draw two identical arms bent at the elbows. Use straight and curved lines for this.squidward drawing easy step by step

  8. Draw the tentacles.

    To complete the drawing of Squidward’s arms, draw curved tentacles below the previously drawn elements.squidward drawing pencil

  9. Add the top of Squidward’s legs.

    Sketch out a few curved lines below Squidward’s torso as shown. This is a very simple action.squidward drawing easy

  10. Add the tentacles.

    Depict the lower parts of the legs in the form of four tentacles directed in different directions. Try to give the tentacles the desired shape.squidward drawing step by step

  11. Erase extra lines.

    Correct mistakes if necessary. Use the eraser to remove any unnecessary guidelines from the drawing.squidward tentacles drawing step by step

  12. Color the drawing.

    The main contours are ready, and the last step is left, in which you must color the character. Use shades of turquoise, brown, beige, black, and shades of to draw Squidward

On this, this instruction for drawing Squidward step by step came to an end. We will be happy to read your comments to see if you succeeded in completing this drawing lesson. We will also gladly take into account your wishes for new drawing lessons. If you liked this tutorial and found it useful, you can share it with your friends.

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