How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog

how to draw sonic the hedgehog

Today, you will learn how to draw Sonic the Hedgehog. You will definitely like this instruction, and you will be satisfied with the result.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will show you how to draw Sonic the Hedgehog. An unusual hedgehog won the hearts of many viewers and gained great popularity.

You probably also like this character and admire Sonic’s ability to move very quickly in space. He has super-speed and is able to cover a long distance in a matter of seconds.

The hedgehog has an unusual blue color. He has a large head, large needles, long and thin limbs. Now you have to depict all these features and a simple instruction will help you with this, in which each step is described in detail.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog

  1. Draw the outline of the head and torso.

    With thin lines draw the outline of the head and torso, this way you will determine the location and size of your to draw sonic the hedgehog step by step

  2. Depict the ears.

    The ears are spiky and are at different levels as Sonic tilted his head slightly to the to draw sonic the hedgehog classic

  3. Add the needles.

    From the head and torso, draw smooth lines to the side and depict several large pointed to draw sonic the hedgehog running step by step easy

  4. Detail the color.

    On the head, draw a smooth curved line to indicate the outline where the color of the muzzle will differ.learning how to draw sonic the hedgehog

  5. Sketch out the bottom of the muzzle.

    Draw the nose in the form of a small oval and draw smooth lines along the sides. Thus, you will make the outline of the lower part of the muzzle. Then add the small me how to draw sonic the hedgehog

  6. Depict the eyes.

    Sonic’s eyes are shaped like elongated ovals. In this case, one eye is fully visible, and the other eye is partially to draw sonic the hedgehog original

  7. Draw the arms.

    With smooth lines depict thin hands and part of the gloves. Make sure your arms are the same to draw pictures of sonic the hedgehog

  8. Sketch out one hand.

    The hand is relatively large and is covered with the glove. Sonic’s hand rests on the torso and the fingers are turned in the opposite direction.sonic the hedgehog drawing images

  9. Depict the second hand.

    Sonic curled his fingers into a fist and raised his index finger. Try to depict this position correctly, take your time and use smooth curved lines.sonic the hedgehog drawing easy

  10. Sketch out the legs.

    Draw straight lines down from the torso to depict thin legs. Then add the upper part of the shoe.sonic the hedgehog drawings step by step

  11. Add the shoes and correct the inaccuracies.

    Almost all the elements are drawn, and it remains only to draw the shoes. After that, you can carefully remove all unnecessary lines.sonic the hedgehog drawing steps

  12. Color the Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Choose the brightest blue color and paint the torso. You will also need beige and bright to draw sonic the hedgehog

We are glad that you were patient and completed all the drawing steps. We hope that the result of the work pleases you and be proud of your success. Write a short review about this lesson. We look forward to your comments!

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