How to Draw Slenderman

how to draw slenderman realistic

In this simple drawing lesson we will teach you how to draw Slenderman. It’s been a long time since we drew this dark, mysterious guy from urban legends, hasn’t it?

So, how to draw Slenderman? This is not the easiest task. We will be dealing with a creature that has very strange proportions. This is precisely one of the most frightening features of Slenderman’s appearance. But there are others.

As a rule, Slenderman has no facial features at all, or it looks like a couple of strange lines. We chose the second option because it is easier to draw and show in the drawing lesson step by step. And one more detail – the unrealistically pale skin color of Slenderman. This is combined with the always strict black suit and looks even more unnatural. In general, if we draw this guy unnaturally and frighteningly, this will be exactly what we need.

Time needed: 1 hour and 40 minutes

How to Draw Slenderman

  1. Draw the head and torso of Slenderman

    Place these shapes at the top of the sheet of paper – next we will draw long and thin limbs. In this step, the character’s head looks unusual – it is a little more elongated than that of ordinary people.
    drawing the head and torso of the Slenderman

  2. Draw Slenderman’s limbs

    This is a very important step. Try to keep the proportions as accurately as possible. Slenderman’s arms and legs don’t have to be grotesquely long, but long enough to look scary.draw the limbs of the Slenderman

  3. Draw Slenderman’s tentacles

    This is another notable detail about Slenderman’s appearance that we haven’t mentioned. In fact, tentacles are variable. You can draw Slenderman without this – just skip this step in that case.slenderman's tentacles drawing

  4. Detail Slenderman’s head

    But don’t overdo it! If you don’t want to draw the facial features at all, just skip this step. Otherwise, use only a few short lines, like in our example. Don’t detail the eyelids, lips or nostrils.Slenderman head drawing

  5. Start drawing a classic suit

    Slenderman always wears a strict dark suit. In order not to deviate from the canon, draw the outlines of the collar and to draw slenderman suit

  6. Draw Slenderman’s jacket

    Continue drawing the Slenderman costume. In this step draw the outlines of the jacket. The edges of the jacket and collar are formed by straight, even lines.slenderman wear drawing easy

  7. Draw the arm and sleeve of the suit

    Starting with this step we will add the final outlines of the limbs. Draw a long, thin sleeve and hand. In front of the body, the sleeve has a slight smooth expansion.slenderman-wear-drawing-easy

  8. Draw the second hand

    Repeat the steps from the previous step with the other hand. Once again, evaluate the correct proportions and location of the hands – this is very important in drawing such a disproportionate guy like Slenderman.draw slenderman arm

  9. Start drawing the lower limbs

    Add the outline of the long leg and boot. Avoid unnecessary curves and irregularities – it is necessary to emphasize a very thin physique.simple slenderman drawing

  10. Draw the final outlines of the second leg

    Repeat the previous step, performing the same actions with the other leg. Overall you should see a tall, disproportionate figure that stands with almost straight legs.slenderman drawing very easy

  11. Draw the final outlines of the tentacles

    Draw the final outlines of the tentacles. You can skip this step if you originally designed Slender Man without tentacles. If not, draw and paint large, tapering shapes as in the sample.slendermans tentacles drawing detail

  12. Erase extra lines

    Erase all unnecessary lines and evaluate your drawing. Check out Slenderman’s unusual proportions and compare the sizes of his arms and legs.slenderman step by step drawing final

  13. Color Slenderman

    If you haven’t drawn Slenderman’s face, you can add a couple of shadows now. Don’t forget to also draw shadows on the suit, hands and to draw slenderman realistic

As we wrap up our drawing lesson, let’s take a moment to appreciate the eerie and simplistic beauty that is Slenderman. Step by step, we’ve brought to life a character that has captivated the imaginations of many across the internet. Starting with basic shapes and lines, we built up the form of this faceless figure, paying special attention to his elongated limbs and the stark, featureless expanse of his face.

Your Slenderman may appear as though he’s stepped right out of the digital folklore from which he originated, ready to be used in your creative projects or shared with fellow enthusiasts.

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