How to Draw Simba

how to draw simba

In this drawing guide we will tell you how to draw Simba. He is one of the most famous Disney characters. We first saw him back in 1994.


Step 1

Firstly, we’ll sketch out the shape of our character with a few circles. We see a large circle in the center and two small circles above and below. The location and shape of these circles are fundamentally important things for all further drawing.

how to draw simba from lion king

Step 2

In this step, we will draw a small frowning eye and a large, rounded nose. Pay attention to the location of these facial features and the distance between them.

how to draw simba step by step easy

Step 3

The powerful, strong-willed chin and tightly compressed lips of this lion were remembered by many. Let’s draw these facial features. Also in this step, we will sketch out some smooth horizontal lines to outline the mustache.

how to draw simba step by step

Step 4

Simba has a rather lush mane that splits into two large strands. Let’s sketch the rough outlines of this mane now. The strand closest to us is larger and more noticeable, as you can see.

how to draw simba easy

Step 5

So in this step, we continue to draw the outlines of our character’s mane. Large strands of mane almost completely cover the round figure from the first step.

how to draw simba from lion king easy

Step 6

Let’s draw the powerful front legs of our character. These feet are very wide at the top and then taper smoothly towards the center. In the distal part, we see another small extension. So it looks a bit like an hourglass.

how to draw simba from the lion king step by step

Step 7

In this step, we will depict the outlines of the big fingers. We see four toes on each foot that look like large semicircles. The distal legs should appear larger and wider than the proximal legs.

how to draw simba in lion king

Step 8

Let’s connect two round body shapes using one smooth line. The second line is shorter, it complements the first line and these two lines form the tail.

simba drawing

Step 9

In this step we will sketch out the outlines of Simba’s powerful hind legs. Smooth curves form obtuse corners. The lower legs are slightly thinner than the upper legs.

simba drawing easy

Step 10

So now it’s time to add some final details to our lion’s appearance. In this step, we will add the large toes of the hind legs and a small but fluffy tip of the tail.

 simba drawing easy step by step

Step 11

As always, you can see this step, which was created so that you can check your mistakes and inaccuracies. If you did not find any errors, you can delete the extra lines and proceed to the final step.

simba drawing step by step

Step 12

The traditional colors of Simba are yellow, brown, and light beige. Let’s use these colors to create a familiar look of our beloved character.

how to draw simba So this was a guide on how to draw Simba. We hope this was a simple tutorial. If you encounter any difficulties, you can write to us in the comments to this article or in our social networks. We will definitely take your comments into account in our new articles.


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