How to Draw Scissors

how to draw scissors

In this very simple drawing guide we will tell you how to draw scissors. You might think this is a pretty boring lesson. In fact, it’s very useful to practice straight lines and symmetrical contours.


Step 1

Firstly we draw the outline of the blades of our scissors. It looks like a thin truncated cone which is located diagonal. You can use the ruler for this drawing lesson, but it will be really cool if you can draw it without any auxiliary tools.

how to draw scissors step by step

Step 2

This will probably be the most meek and easiest step of all the lessons on our site. We only need to outline an oblique line that divides the two scissor blades and draw a small circle near the lower end of the blades.

how to draw scissors easy

Step 3

Add another longitudinal line to separate one blade from another. At the same stage, draw a transverse line that will separate the blades from the handles.

how to draw scissors easy step by step

Step 4

Let’s draw the contours of the scissor handle. You can draw the lateral part of the handles of any shape to your taste. However, the medial part must be straight so that the scissors can close.

how to draw scissors simple

Step 5

So in this step  we add holes for the fingers. These holes should not be perfectly straight. Rather, these lines should be parallel to the contours of the handles that we drew in the previous step.

how to draw scissors very easy

Step 6

We evaluate the correctness of lines and shapes in our figure. If you have not revealed any distortions, you can remove the extra guide lines and go to the final stage.

scissors drawing images

Step 7

Let’s add colors. You can use any color for the handle and paint over it whole. When you work with blades, pay attention to a few metallic highlights that are located obliquely. Without these glare, you will feel that the handle and blades are made of the same material.

how to draw scissors

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