How to Draw Moana

how to draw moana

In this drawing guide, we will show you how to draw Moana. This fearless girl from Disney’s story has become very popular. So let’s try to draw her!


Step 1

First, we outline the basic proportions of our character with circles. We see a small teenage girl. Accordingly, we outline the contours of the head, chest, and pelvis, and the pelvis should be larger and wider than the chest.

how to draw moana step by step easy

Step 2

This step will help us outline the features of Moana’s pose. With the help of sticks, we outline the arms and legs of our heroine. The arms are represented by two angles of different sizes, the legs look like two straight lines with a slight bend in the center.

how to draw moana step by step slowly

Step 3

Now we can do a little detail. So, we form the outline of the upper part of the female body using the shapes from the first step. We outline two intersecting lines inside the head contours. The horizontal line will show us the location of the eyes. This line is located slightly below the conventional center.

how to draw moana step by step

Step 4

In this step, we will draw the outlines of the arms. The shoulder joint and fist is a very large, rounded figure, while the shoulder and forearm appear as cylinders with slight smooth tapering.

how to draw moana easy

Step 5

This will be the last step in creating the outline of our character’s silhouette. In this step, we sketch out the outlines of the strong, muscular legs.

how to draw moana cute and easy

Step 6

Have you noticed that large, expressive eyes are becoming popular not only in anime cartoons? Many studios use this technique. Disney is no exception – these guys’ characters always have pretty big and pretty eyes. Let’s sketch out the outlines of our heroine’s eyes in this step.

how to draw moana cartoon

Step 7

In this step, we will draw a rather wide nose and a charming smile. Also here we will draw the final outlines of the face oval and slightly sharpen the lower part of this shape.

how to draw moana characters step by step

Step 8

Moana has very beautiful hair. Let’s depict the outlines of the long hair, which is shifted slightly to the side due to the wind. As you can see, we are using a short, wavy path.

how to draw moana disney

Step 9

So we continue the guide on how to draw Moana. Let’s draw a small medallion and a fabric that sits on top of the torso. It looks like a regular top with a wavy hem.

how to draw moana easy step by step

Step 10

In this step, we will create the final outlines of the shoulders and forearms. The forearms should have smooth tapering towards the hands. Avoid too sharp bends and too wide contours.

learn how to draw moana

Step 11

The upper legs and lower torso are covered with a long skirt. The skirt has a belt and a cutout on the top layer. The hem of the skirt has a fringe. Let’s draw this.

moana drawing easy

Step 12

Moana is an islander. She swims and runs a lot, so she has an athletic build. So let’s draw the muscular legs of our heroine in this step.

moana drawing easy step by step

Step 13

In this step, we erase all unnecessary guidelines and check the correctness of the actions of the previous steps. All inaccuracies should be corrected right now because after coloring it will be quite difficult.

moana drawing easy step by step

Step 14

Now we can color our drawing. You probably remember the basic colors of Moana’s clothes, don’t you? Don’t forget black hair, green eyes, and dark, tanned skin. Prepare darker shades of each color in order to paint small shadows.

how to draw moana

So this was a guide on how to draw Moana. We are waiting for your opinions in the comments. We are also waiting for your criticism and your messages about the difficulties that arose during this drawing lesson.

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