How to Draw Lightning McQueen

how to draw lightning mcqueen

We decided that in this step-by-step drawing tutorial we will show you how to draw Lightning McQueen! Indomitable and fast racing car from the Cars series. Let’s try to draw Lightning McQueen so that each mentioned epithet is reflected in the picture.

Will it work? We assure you that everything is simple. Follow our instructions and proceed to this tutorial on how to draw Lightning McQueen!


How to Draw Lightning McQueen

Step 1 – Draw the Outlines of the Body

So, let’s start from the base: draw a simple rectangle and round its corners. The salon is located higher and it is a trapezoid.

how to draw lightning mcqueen step by step easy

Step 2 – Draw the Windows and Arches

Detail the interior of Lightning McQueen – draw the lines so as to outline the windshield. It is quite large, and the side window should be three times smaller. Use smooth wavy lines to draw the recesses for the wheels.

how to draw lightning mcqueen easy

Step 3 – Draw the Eyes of Lightning McQueen

McQueen is not just a car. This is a whole cartoon character, so he needs eyes. Let’s make two circles, and two smaller circles inside. Draw a jagged line from the lower-left corner of the windshield in the center.

how to draw lightning mcqueen step by step

Step 4 – Draw the Headlights and Mouth

Lightning McQueen is a hilarious character! Its headlights illuminate the road at night, so we will make them larger. Draw the headlights with a couple of dashes, and draw arched lines along with the radiator – one on top of the other so that you get a smile.

how to draw lightning mcqueen car

Step 5 – Draw the Wheels of Lightning McQueen

After that, draw the wheels as follows: in the close-up, use smooth arcs that imitate the shape of a wheel, and draw the rear wheel with a clear straight line. This method will help to depict the three-dimensional structure.

how to draw an easy lightning mcqueen

Step 6 – Draw the Rims and Spoiler

Make the wheels look like real ones. Mark the rims as circles inside the wheels. The rear rim is done a little differently since there the wheel is turned at a different angle. The spoiler is drawn against the farthest background. This car element creates a sense of speed!

 how to draw lightning mcqueen cars 1

Step 7 – Draw the Rim Pattern

Continue to draw the near wheel, namely the rim. It must be “pressed” into the wheel structure and therefore it is important to draw a second arcuate line inside the wheel. We will not see the entire rim, its shape is rounded. The rim itself is a semicircle with squares.

how to draw lightning mcqueen cars 3

Step 8 – Draw the Details

Draw the hood at the top of the base of the car. Do not forget about number 95 under the left headlight, and on the side of McQueen. The two tailpipes should emerge from underneath and sit between the front and rear wheels.

how to draw lightning mcqueen from cars

Step 9 – Erase the Guidelines

Remove all unnecessary guidelines from your Lightning McQueen drawing to make your work look perfect! Further, you can use darker lines to make your Lightning McQueen drawing sharper and more cartoonish.

learn how to draw lightning mcqueen

Step 10 – Color Your Lightning McQueen Drawing

Remember what color our Lightning McQueen is? Right, juicy red. Color your drawing, and for clarity, use frames from the cartoon.

how to draw lightning mcqueen

McQueen always strives for fame, prizes and sponsorship. Our Lightning McQueen drawing should reflect this aspiration. Well, maybe you got another Lightning McQueen. It will be very cool if you tell in the comments what associations your drawing evokes in you!


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