How to Draw Kirby

How to Draw Kirby

In this drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw Kirby – a spherical pink creature from the Dream Land!

Are you familiar with this character in the series of computer games? If not, that’s okay, because not everyone has a Nintendo console! This lesson on how to draw Kirby provides simple and straightforward steps. We’ll draw Kirby in less than 10 minutes!


How to Draw Kirby

Step 1 – Draw the Outlines of Kirby

Firstly, just draw a simple and clear circle. To achieve the perfect circle shape, take a compass or circle a round object. Kirby should be light, flexible, airy. The shape of the circle creates a sense of smoothness and harmony, so try to draw an even and neat circle.

how to draw kirby easy

Step 2 – Draw the Eyes and Mouth of Kirby

Kirby’s eyes look like elongated ovals. Place them in the center of the circle and stretch them up. The mouth looks like a funny button, it should be a circle right in the middle of round Kirby. Make the Japanese version of Kirby – funny and happy (there is also an American version – more aggressive).

how to draw kirby by step by step

Step 3 – Detail the Kirby Drawing

Let’s make the cheeks of Kirby. Two regular ovals of equal size at the same distance from the nose. Draw an arc along the mouth – it is the tongue. Further, you can start detailing the eyes – draw two pupils in the form of ovals and place them in the upper corner of the eyes. Kirby’s eyes are now more emotional!

how to draw cute kirby

Step 4 – Draw the Arms of Kirby

Let’s make funny paws! Draw two smooth and round lines at the top and bottom. There will be two ovals. Kirby can already wave his paw! By the way, Kirby can inhale air and fly through the air, keeping his balance with these very paws!

kirby how to draw kirby

Step 5 – Draw the Legs of Kirby

Now let’s draw the chubby legs. These are very cartoonish and funny paws – draw two lines with arcs, connect them from below, but try to maintain symmetry. The feet should be the same size. Make your movements slowly, because you have a light hand, we believe!

how to draw kirby step by step

Step 6 – Erase the Guidelines

Erase the lines of the largest circle that we drew at the very beginning. Next, trace the entire Kirby drawing with a darker color to make it more cartoonish. Fine! Kirby has a solid outline.

kirby drawing

Step 7 – Color Kirby

It remains to add a little delicate pink color to the body. The legs will be burgundy. With these feet, Kirby will walk around his domed house. Further, color the cheeks and mouth in pink-beige (or try to choose a color to your taste). The main thing is that a pleasant blush should appear on the cheeks.

How to Draw Kirby

So, let’s see what we got. Kirby looks soft and flexible, fun and round! Check the outline of the round body, as well as the symmetry of the objects in the drawing. Praise yourself! Mission accomplished. Tell us, what exactly are the difficulties? And don’t forget to write a couple of ideas for our future drawings in the comments!

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