How to Draw Harry Potter

How to draw Harry Potter

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw Harry Potter. This is probably the most famous wizard in the world. We decided to draw Harry Potter in a classic way. We hope it will be fun and useful. So, let’s get started!

Step 1

First of all, we outline the figure of Harry Potter with the help of sticks and circles. Here we draw the main circles in the base shape. This is the head, chest, and pelvis. The head looks like half a heart sign. The chest should be significantly wider than the pelvis.

How to sketch Harry Potter easy

Step 2

Let’s draw the sticks in place of the arms and legs. In a few steps, we will draw detailed limbs based on these sketches. The right hand of our hero bends at a right angle. The left hand forms an obtuse angle. The left leg looks like a straight line, and the right leg forms an obtuse angle. Be sure to check the proportions of the limbs and torso.

How to draw Harry Potter in a pencil

Step 3

We connect the rounded figure of the chest with the rounded figure of the pelvis. It should be straight graceful lines. We also connect the head and body to get the neck. At about half the height of the head, we draw a horizontal line.

How do you draw Harry Potter

Step 4

Great, and now we will outline the hands. Hands at this step look like cylinders interspersed with large balls. Use the lines from the second step as guidelines.

Learn how to draw Harry Potter

Step 5

Repeat the same action with the legs of our character. The hips and lower legs look like cylinders that taper slightly downward. Large joints are indicated by balls.

How to draw a boy

Step 6

So we have an approximate sketch of the figure that helps us to maintain proportions and shows the wizard’s pose. Now we will carry out the drill in the direction from the head to the legs. In this step, we outline the contours of the nose, mouth, and chin.

How to draw

Step 7

If you have correctly drawn the line from the third step, this will be a very simple step. Here we outline a rounded ear, glasses, eye, and eyebrow. The ear looks like half of the sign of the heart, the eyes and the eyebrow look like short dashes.

How to sketch Harry Potter

Step 8

Let’s outline the contours of the hairstyles of Harry Potter. You can see this hero with tousled hair on the covers of books. But we decided to draw a hairstyle with neat styling on one side.

Harry Potter drawing guide

Step 9

Add small items of clothing. You all know the stylization of the Hogwarts uniforms under the uniforms of the best universities in the world. Therefore, in this step we will draw a mantle collar that looks like two symmetrical triangles and a tie.

Harry Potter drawing lesson

Step 10

We continue to draw the mantle of our mighty wizard. Using a large acute angle in the area of the trunk, we outline the medial edges of the mantle. The back of the mantle looks like two oblique lines that start from the armpits and go down to the side of the legs.

In other words, we simply draw an acute angle and circle it from the lateral sides.

How to draw harry potter characters

Step 11

So we continue the guide on how to draw Harry Potter. The Gryffindor faculty badge is an integral part of the Harry Potter uniform. Let’s outline the outline of this badge. We also outline a strip in the lower torso.

How to draw Harry Potter with a wand

Step 12

And now there will be a very important step. Here we draw the contours of the sleeves of the mantle. Look carefully at our sketch – you can see a very wide right sleeve, which practically fits with the top edge to the upper edge of the arm.

How to draw Harry Potter from the movie

Step 13

In fact, drawing hands is a rather difficult thing. We did a special lesson about the principles of drawing hands. After you read this lesson, you can safely draw our character’s hands.

How to draw Harry Potter easy step by step

Step 14

The magic wand is the main weapon of the wizard. So let’s draw a magic wand and add some folds on the clothes. The magic wand should have a smooth narrowing. The folds on the mantle fabric look like oblique single lines.

How to draw a wizard

Step 15

Add the contours of the wide pants. It was not for nothing that we drew approximate contours of the feet of our wizard. So now we have a guideline for drawing wide trousers that are part of the Gryffindor uniform.

Harry Potter easy

Step 16

We are left with only small details. For example, in this step, we add the final contours to the lower body to form the shoes and lower edges of the mantle of our mighty wizard.

Harry Potter step by step

Step 17

So we have a completed sketch. Now we can carefully evaluate the proportions, the correctness of individual forms and the whole picture as a whole. If you see any errors, correct this before we start working with colors.

Harry Potter drawing tutorial

Step 18

University uniforms always have an aristocratic connotation. You can choose any colors for your drawing, however, aristocracy and style will be preserved if you select muted, not bright colors.

How to draw Harry Potter

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that your comments and feedback are very important to us. We create new lessons based on your desires. We are waiting for you on the pages of our site!

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