How to Draw Harley Quinn

how to draw Harley Quinn

Today you will learn how to draw Harley Quinn in just a few simple steps quickly and easily. Start this guide and get useful skills.

In this drawing lesson, we will tell you how to draw Harley Quinn. This is a famous super villain, one of the characters in the DC Comics universe. She originally appeared in the Batman TV series and has since appeared in the comics. Harley Quinn has an unusual outfit.

She is wearing a tight-fitting suit that has one part red and the other black. There is a jester’s cap on the girl’s head. The villainess has unpredictable behavior, and she can get angry because of simple things.

Harley Quinn is a strong, agile, hardy, energetic and at the same time charming girl. We hope you enjoy drawing this character. In the process of completing the lesson, you will acquire useful skills that will come in handy in the future when you want to draw any slender girl.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Harley Quinn

  1. Draw the main outlines.

    Depict three ovals to determine the position of the head and torso. Using a curved line, draw the central part of the to draw harley quinn easy

  2. Sketch out the arms and legs.

    Use thin lines to define the position of the arms and legs. Use small circles to indicate the joints. Look carefully at the sample and try to keep all the proportions in your to draw harley quinn step by step easy

  3. Depict the guidelines for the face and torso.

    Add thin transverse lines on the head, which will then help you correctly position the facial features. Draw the shoulders and depict the waist with smooth curved to draw harley quinn from suicide squad

  4. Add the arms.

    Give volume to the arms, to do this, draw smooth lines along the guidelines. At the bottom, add the hands that are directed to the to draw harley quinn draw so cute

  5. Draw the legs.

    The legs are close to each other. Use smooth lines and try to correctly portray all the curves of the body. At the bottom, draw thin elongated to draw harley quinn step by step

  6. Add facial features.

    Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Depict these elements with simple lines. The main thing in this step is to maintain proportions and correctly position all the elements of the to draw harley quinn by step

  7. Depict the mask and jester’s hat.

    Draw the outline of the mask around the eyes. Determine the oval of the face, add curly elements on the sides of the head, and draw small circles at the to draw harley quinn basic

  8. Sketch out the top of the suit.

    With smooth curved lines, draw the curly collar. Add the outlines of the chest and draw the sides of the to draw harley quinn step by step from suicide squad

  9. Draw the sleeves.

    The sleeves fit snugly to the body, so the contour of the sleeve matches the lines you drew earlier. Add large cuffs at the bottom of the to draw harley quinn cute

  10. Depict the bottom of the suit.

    Give the correct shape to the bottom of the suit. To do this, use the lines you made in the previous to draw harley quinn cartoon easy

  11. Sketch out the shoes.

    On the feet of Harley Quinn are original shoes that have the narrow toe and the wide top. Take your time and carefully draw all the to draw harley quinn dc comics

  12. Add the hands.

    Give the correct shape to the hands. Draw thin long fingers in the same position as in the example. The acquired skills will definitely be useful to you in the to draw classic harley quinn

  13. Add details.

    The main contours are ready, and it remains only to add some details. Draw the transverse lines on the costume of the villain. Draw several small rhombuses on the arm and on the to draw harley quinn easy step by step

  14. Correct inaccuracies.

    Prepare your drawing for coloring with the eraser, remove all unnecessary lines and make the contour more to draw harley quinn easy for beginners

  15. Color the Harley Quinn.

    To color the costume, you only need red and black. Carefully color the suit with these contrasting colorshow to draw Harley Quinn.

We hope that you showed your creative skills to the maximum, and you got a great drawing. Check out other tutorials that the team has developed especially for beginners. Train and have fun!

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