How to Draw Grinch

How to Draw Grinch

We bring to your attention a new, fascinating lesson on how to draw Grinch. We have no doubt that the lesson will be useful for you.

So now we will show you how to draw Grinch step by step. This is an unusual character, the main character of the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This green character hates Christmas and wants to ruin the holiday. As a child, the Grinch was an outcast and was bullied by his classmates.

Once he could not stand it, left the city and began to live on the mountain. The Grinch hates fun and tries to steal all the presents to ruin people’s holiday.

Try to carefully draw all the lines that are marked in red. Take your time and aim for your character to be easily recognizable.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Grinch

  1. Draw the base.

    Depict three figures of different shapes. Arrange them vertically with small gaps. The top figure is to draw grinch easy

  2. Determine the position of the limbs.

    Draw a central vertical line that connects all the circles, and with thin straight lines mark the position of the arms and to draw grinch step by step

  3. Add elements of the face.

    At the top of the head draw the eyes which are teardrop shaped, then add the small to draw a grinch easy

  4. Depict the rest of the elements.

    In each eye, put a large dot to represent the pupil. With a smooth curved line, draw the wide mouth and add the crease between the nose and to draw a cute grinch

  5. Sketch out the hair and eyebrows.

    Draw the eyebrows that have a bizarre shape. On the top of the head, draw individual spiky to draw a simple grinch

  6. Draw the neck and sides of the torso.

    Add connecting lines between the thoracic region and the pelvis. Draw the thin neck and add the fur with short to draw grinch cartoon

  7. Depict the arms.

    Use the lines you drew earlier as a guide and give the arms the necessary thickness, while using short to draw cute grinch

  8. Sketch out the hands.

    The Grinch rests his hands on his sides, while the palms are pointing up. Try to correctly depict the position of the to draw the grinch in color

  9. Add the legs.

    Draw lines down from the bottom circle and draw legs that have a wide base and taper to draw the grinch full body easy

  10. Draw the feet.

    It remains only to draw the lower parts of the legs, in which the socks are directed in opposite directions. To draw the feet, use short to draw the grinch images

  11. Correct inaccuracies.

    Compare your drawing with the example and if you notice inaccuracies, then correct them at this stage. Remove all extra lines in your to draw the grinch pictures

  12. Color the Grinch.

    Here you will need the minimum number of colors. Color the eyes yellow and use two shades of green.How to Draw Grinch

So, another fascinating lesson on how to draw the Grinch has come to an end. We hope that this character looks very funny to you, and now you are admiring the result of your work. Tell us what other funny characters you want to draw. We will try to prepare new lessons taking into account all your wishes.

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