How to Draw Foxy

how to draw foxy

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Foxy. This step-by-step instruction consists of fifteen simple steps.

We invite you to complete a fascinating drawing lesson in which we will tell you how to draw Foxy. This is another useful lesson on character drawing. This step-by-step guide will definitely help you develop your artistic skills, and you will also easily cope with it, even if you have little experience as an artist.

So, Foxy is a sheet from the game “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. He is a broken pirate toy who stays in Pirate Cove during the day and runs around the pizzeria at night. Foxy has thin limbs and has a hook on one of his arms. The character has a large head, on top of which there are pointed ears on steel mounts.

This character is very interesting and unusual. This instruction will help you learn how to draw this character as the main subject of the drawing, and you can also draw it if you want to draw any episode of the game.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Foxy

  1. Add basic markup.

    Mark the location of the character’s head and torso. Draw an oval and then connect it with a straight line to a to draw foxy easy

  2. Add the outlines of the arms.

    Use straight lines to sketch out the outlines of the arms. At the bottom of one of Foxy’s arms is a to draw foxy step by step

  3. Depict the outlines of the character’s legs.

    Draw straight lines of different lengths below Foxy’s previously drawn torso, as shown in the to draw foxy from five nights at freddy's

  4. Sketch out the character’s eyes.

    Draw two symmetrical eyes inside the previously drawn outline of Foxy’s head using ovals, curved lines and large to draw foxy step by step for beginners

  5. Add elements on the character’s head.

    Depict a few curved lines in the center of Foxy’s head, as shown in the picture, and also add the character’s to draw foxy cartoon

  6. Add more elements.

    At the top of Foxy’s head, add some curved lines, and also draw curved lines above the character’s to draw nightmare foxy easy

  7. Sketch out the character’s ears.

    Add two identical teardrop-shaped ears. Connect the ears to the character’s head using short, straight to draw foxy nightmare

  8. Draw the mouth and bottom of the character’s head.

    Sketch out the Foxy’s lower jaw using a curved line, and add the lot of teeth on top and to draw foxy five nights at freddy's

  9. Add the elements of the costume.

    On the character’s torso, draw the upper and lower parts of the costume using curved lines, as shown in the of how to draw foxy

  10. Sketch out the Foxy’s hands.

    Next to the previously drawn auxiliary lines indicating the location of the hands, draw the character’s hands in more detail.foxy drawing easy

  11. Add the lower parts of the character’s arms.

    Use straight and curved lines to draw the hook at the bottom of the character’s arm, as well as the metal hand.foxy drawing pictures

  12. Depict the upper parts of the character’s legs.

    To draw Foxy’s legs, draw straight and curved lines around the previously drawn guidelines on the legs.foxy drawing step by step

  13. Draw the Foxy’s feet.

    At the bottom of the previously drawn legs, draw angular feet using incomplete ovals and straight lines of various lengths.foxy drawing freddy

  14. Add decorative elements on the character’s body.

    Now you should add many curved thin lines on Foxy’s body as shown in the picture.foxy five night drawing

  15. Color the drawing.

    To color the Foxy, you should use pink, gray, orange, brown and black to draw foxy

On this, this Foxy drawing lesson came to an end step by step. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it very helpful. If you want to draw any more characters, you can find many useful instructions on our website. Don’t forget to leave your feedback about this tutorial, so we know if you liked it.


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