How to Draw Dio

 very easy Dio drawing

In this drawing lesson we want to show you in detail how to draw Dio. With the help of this lesson, you will once again train your artistic abilities.

This step-by-step guide will appeal to all manga lovers and artists of any level, because here we will show you how to draw Dio. This is a fictional character who is a typical villain.

Dio is cruel, overconfident, and ruthless. He has had a bad temper since childhood. At some point, Dio turned into a vampire and gained colossal powers in battle. He can use a freezing technique and cover his opponent in ice.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Dio

  1. Draw the base.

    Depict the head, thoracic region and pelvis in the form of figures of various shapes. Using a smooth vertical line, draw the central axis of the to draw dio easy

  2. Sketch out the limbs.

    Using thin, straight lines, mark the position of the arms and legs. Draw the folds as large to draw dio from jojo

  3. Detail the head.

    Make the oval of the face clearer and with the help of jagged lines depict the strands of the hair on the head. Draw the bandage on the forehead, in the center of which is the to draw dio full body

  4. Add the elements of the face and the collar.

    Draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. Keep proportions and strive to ensure that the character is easily recognizable. Depict the wide collar at the bottom.How to Draw Dio for beginners

  5. Continue adding the outlines of the clothes.

    Draw the shoulders and the outline of the clothes on the sides. Using thin lines, depict the relief of the muscles on the chest.Dio drawing lesson

  6. Draw one hand.

    Use the guidelines as a guide and draw the outline of the sleeve. At the bottom, draw the cuff and hand. Add the folds to the clothes.Dio drawing tutorial

  7. Depict the second hand.

    Draw the second hand in the same way as the first. Here you also have to give the sleeve the desired shape and thickness, as well as correctly depict the position of the hand.Dio drawing guide

  8. Add elements of the clothing at the waist.

    Draw the belt and add an image of the heart in the middle. From the heart, draw smooth lines to the sides to represent the ribbons.simple Dio drawing

  9. Sketch out one leg.

    Focus on the auxiliary lines and draw the outline of the pants. Draw the heart on the knee and add the folds to the clothes.cartoon Dio drawing

  10. Draw the boot.

    Continue drawing the elements of the leg and in this step draw the unusual shape of the boot. Draw the pointed sock and successively add the transverse folds.realistic Dio drawing

  11. Depict the second leg.

    With smooth lines, draw the visible part of the second leg and below, draw the boot in which the toe is turned in the other direction.Dio drawing step by step

  12. Correct inaccuracies.

    Now you have drawn the main outlines, and can carefully remove the auxiliary lines in your drawing. If you notice errors, correct them immediately.step by step Dio drawing

  13. Color the drawing.

    Color the skin beige, color the hair yellow. For coloring the clothes and shoes, use yellow, green, black, and brown.very easy Dio drawing

We hope that you correctly followed all the steps in this manual, and you like the result of the work. As always, we look forward to your feedback. We will also be glad to see you among our subscribers in social networks.

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