How to Draw Cinderella

How to Draw Cinderella

If you want to learn how to draw Cinderella, this lesson is for you. Get started and get useful drawing skills!

In this lesson, we want to show how to draw Cinderella. The tale of Cinderella is popular all over the world and is loved by many children and adults.

This is a fascinating story about a beautiful hardworking girl who had a good heart and forgave her evil stepmother and sisters. Thanks to the good fairy, Cinderella was transformed, won the favor of the prince at the ball and became his wife. In the end, the story has a happy ending.

Here you will draw Cinderella in full growth. Cinderella looks very cute in a smart dress, she holds a glass slipper in one hand. Start drawing with small sketches and gradually add details until the drawing takes on a complete look. Use our guidelines to properly depict all elements.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Cinderella

  1. Draw the base.

    Mark the position of the head and torso. To do this, draw a center line and add ovals to depict the position of the head, thoracic region and pelvic to draw cinderella easy

  2. Determine the position of the limbs.

    Using thin, straight lines, mark the position of the arms and legs. Depict the joints as small to draw cinderella step by step

  3. Outline the contours of the torso.

    Draw connecting lines from the head to the torso to represent the neck. Draw the shoulders and add the sides of the torso. On the head, draw transverse lines that will help you position the facial features to draw cinderella and colour it

  4. Sketch out the arms.

    Draw parallel lines along the guidelines, how you will give volume to the arms. Depict the hands to draw cinderella full body easy

  5. Depict the outline of the dress.

    Cinderella has a long, puffy dress. To draw the lower part of the dress, you need to draw smooth curved lines down from the waist, then draw one connecting line at the to draw cinderella by step by step

  6. Add the eyes.

    This is a simple but important step. Try to position your eyes correctly and give the necessary shape. Draw the eyebrows a little to draw cinderella body

  7. Depict the rest of the facial features.

    First draw an oval face with a smooth line, then add the small nose and mouth. As you can see, Cinderella looks to the side and smiles coquettishly, try to draw the position of the lips to draw beautiful cinderella

  8. Sketch out part of the hair.

    Draw the fluffy strand of hair above the forehead. Draw the outer outline first, then add the details as individual strands. On the sides of the head draw the to draw easy cinderella

  9. Draw the rest of the hair.

    Cinderella’s hair is gathered into a beautiful, elegant hairstyle. With the help of a rounded line, depict the bunch of hair at the to draw cinderella full body step by step

  10. Sketch out the top of the dress.

    Draw a necklace around the neck and puffy sleeves at shoulder level. Here you can use arbitrary lines, which are slightly different from the to draw cinderella for beginners

  11. Add the top of the dress.

    Give the dress the desired shape, draw clear lines on the sides, depict the top of the dress and add the figured pointed outline at the to draw cinderella draw so cute

  12. Depict the gloves.

    Cinderella has long gloves, which were customary to wear to social events. The gloves fit snugly to the body, so use the same lines you drew earlier and draw the top outline of the to draw cinderella disney

  13. Draw the hands and shoe.

    This step will require your attention, because you must correctly portray the position of the fingers. When the hands are ready, you can draw the glass to draw cinderella disney princess

  14. Add the bottom of the dress.

    The lower part of the dress consists of several layers. Add semicircular folds of fabric on the sides, draw two smooth lines down from the center of the to draw princess cinderella easy

  15. Sketch out the folds on the dress.

    Add some folds to the bottom of the dress using thin, flowing lines. Use wavy lines to represent the bottom edge of the to draw cinderella full body step by step slowly

  16. Correct inaccuracies.

    Now compare your drawing with our example and correct the mistakes if necessary. Remove all extra lines and make the outline to draw cinderella in easy way

  17. Color the Cinderella.

    Use different shades of blue to color the ball gown. Color the hair yellow and paint the skin beige.How to Draw Cinderella

The drawing is ready! Now you have learned how to draw a beautiful Cinderella and you can admire the result of your work. Share your impressions about this lesson in the comments. Your sincere feedback will motivate us to create new, exciting lessons.

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