How to Draw Charlie Brown

How to Draw Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is the perfect character to learn to draw. It is very difficult to find someone drawn with a simpler drawing technique. That is why we created this guide on how to draw Charlie Brown.


Step 1

First, we will sketch out the outlines of the head and torso of our character. Charlie Brown is an excellent example of a cartoon style of drawing with strange proportions. That is why you can see a very large head and a small torso, which are connected by a thin neck.

how to draw charlie brown step by step

Step 2

Now we will draw the facial features of our character. Like everything else in this guide, this will be a very simple step. Slightly above the conditional center of the head, we draw a rounded nose and eyes that look like a pair of dots. Charlie Brown’s famous hairstyle should be slightly above the eyes.

how to draw charlie brown easy

Step 3

This is becoming more and more like the super-simple lessons in the first grades of elementary school, isn’t it? In this step, we will draw a smiling mouth that looks like one smooth line and add rounded outlines for the ears.

how to draw charlie brown step by step easy

Step 4

Ok, we have a rough outline of the torso and head of our funny character. Now we can start drawing his clothes. So in this step, we will draw a small collar that looks like two small angular shapes that are connected using a triangle.

how to draw charlie brown step by step pictures

Step 5

It’s time to draw a pair of short sleeves. It looks like two small rectangles. It would be ideal if you draw this step without the help of auxiliary objects such as a ruler.

how to draw easy charlie brown characters

Step 6

Do you think drawing the hands is not an easy task? In fact, it is. However, in our case, it looks like three rounded shapes that connect to the sleeve.

how to draw cartoon charlie brown

Step 7

As you probably know, Charlie Brown prefers to wear small, loose shorts. Let’s draw this.

charlie brown drawing easy

Step 8

So we continue the guide on how to draw Charlie Brown. In this step, we will draw short legs with delineated socks.

charlie brown drawing steps

Step 9

Our character has the simplest shoe imaginable. To depict this you need to draw the round outlines of the shoes and the laces that are tied with bows.

charlie brown drawing tutorial

Step 10

In this step, we will draw the pattern on Charlie Brown’s sweater. It looks like angular lines that form the letter W.

charlie brown easy drawing step by step

Step 11

We always highlight a special step so that you can evaluate your sketch, find all the errors, and correct them with the eraser. Let’s do this because the next step is to work with colors.

charlie brown drawing how to

Step 12

We are supporters of the classic look of the characters, so we used the usual colors and the typical shadow, which looks like a rough black band under the head. You see this a lot in early comics.

How to Draw Charlie Brown

So this was a guide on how to draw Charlie Brown. This is one of the easiest drawing lessons ever. We have specially created this guide so you can practice with the lightest illustrations. If you noticed inaccuracies in our guide or it was difficult for you to draw this, please let us know in the comments. We are looking forward to your feedback!


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