How to Draw Bulbasaur

how to draw bulbasaur

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is one of the first Pokémon in the series and one of the most popular anime characters ever. We hope you enjoy our guide.


Step 1

In this first step, we will draw the basic outlines of our Pokemon. The head and torso of Bulbasaur in this step looks like a large rounded figure and a small tapering body. It looks like a piece of bacon or bread.

how to draw bulbasaur step by step

Step 2

Drawing in the anime style always involves large, expressive eyes. Therefore, in this step, we will draw the outlines of the large triangular eyes. Please note that the shape of the eyes differs due to the angle. The position of the pupils is very important because it shapes the direction in which the character is looking.

how to draw bulbasaur easy step by step

Step 3

In this step, we will draw under one small oval inside each pupil. Also in this step, we will add a pair of ears that look like triangles.

how to draw bulbasaur cute

Step 4

Our Pokemon has a rather unusual facial structure. The mouth of Bulbasaur is always shaped like a smile. Let’s draw this.

how to draw bulbasaur step by step easy

Step 5

In this step, we will draw the outline of the pattern on the face. This pattern looks like triangular spots of different sizes located between the eyes and in the forehead.

how to draw a bulbasaur step by step

Step 6

So we continue the guide on how to draw Bulbasaur. This pokemon’s forelimbs appear as a pair of rounded figures that are elongated vertically. Let’s draw these front paws.

how to draw a cute bulbasaur

Step 7

Using a couple of rounded shapes, we draw the hind legs of our character. The hind legs are very different in size due to the angle.

how to draw pokemon bulbasaur step by step


Step 8

In this step, we will draw small claws on the legs. These diamonds and triangles are like turtle claws.

how to draw bulbasaur easy drawing

Step 9

A few steps back we applied a triangle pattern to Bulbasaur’s face. Now we will draw the same patterns on the torso and forelimbs of our Pokemon.

how to draw bulbasaur easy

Step 10

Each Pokemon has its own characteristics. As you remember, the Bulbasaur’s peculiarity is the bulb that sits on its back. Let’s depict the outlines of this bulb.

how to draw bulbasaur easily

Step 11

Let’s add some details to the bulb we drew in the last step. This bulb looks like a bag because of the several flowing lines that converge towards the top. Let’s draw these smooth lines.

how to draw bulbasaur pokemon

Step 12

So we carefully look at our pokemon, evaluate the correct proportions and elements of each part of Bulbasaur’s body separately. After that, we remove the extra lines from the previous steps.

how to draw bulbasaur the pokemon

Step 13

You can choose any colors, however, if you want to draw a Pokemon that you are familiar with, use green and turquoise. Darker shades of base colors will help you apply shadows.

how to draw bulbasaur

We hope this guide was helpful to you. So don’t forget to write to us about whether you managed to create easy and cool art. We are looking forward to your comments!


  1. Very helpful! Im making a pokedex book with all the pokemons in it, and this has helped me! Thank you!

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