How to Draw Bird Wings

 bird wings drawing guide

In this lesson we will tell you and show you in detail how to draw bird wings. Undoubtedly, this lesson will be very useful for you, once again you will train your artistic skills.

With the help of a simple instruction, you will learn how to draw bird wings step by step. The acquired skills will be useful to you in the future when you want to draw a whole bird or you can use such an image as a design element.

This lesson will require you to be attentive and accurate. Your main task is to maintain symmetry, because the wings must have the same size and shape.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Bird Wings

  1. Prepare baselines.

    Draw the upper contour of the wings and part of the inner contour. On the sides, add some lines to outline the location of the to draw bird wings step by step

  2. Start detailing the drawing.

    Use small wavy lines and draw the inside as shown in our example. At the same time, observe to draw cartoon bird wings

  3. Sketch out the plumage.

    Along the outer outline of each wing, draw larger feathers in succession. Take your time and try to draw all the lines to draw realistic bird wings

  4. Add the largest feathers.

    In this step, depict the longest large feathers that are located at the ends of the wings. Pay attention to the shape of the feathers and try to keep your drawing similar to the to draw bird wings easy

  5. Draw the rest of the plumage.

    With the help of short, curved lines, depict small feathers that are located closer to the base of the wings.bird wings drawing lesson

  6. Correct inaccuracies.

    Take a close look at your drawing and if you notice any mistakes, correct them at this stage to prepare the drawing for coloring.bird wings drawing tutorial

  7. Color the drawing.

    For coloring, you will need different shades of gray, or you can use any other colors of your choice, such as brown, beige, or black.bird wings drawing guide

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