How to Draw Ariel

How to Draw Ariel

In this very simple drawing tutorial, the artists of will show you how to draw Ariel from the famous Disney animated series.

Most likely, you have already watched our tutorial on drawing a mermaid, or you missed it. One way or another, for those who have already drawn a mermaid with us, this lesson will be an excellent reason to depict another, but already well-known mermaid!

Ariel is not just a mermaid, but the daughter of the sea king Triton, and this very fact already determines the character of the heroine. In this tutorial on how to draw Ariel we need to draw a proud, decisive, but at the same time cute, kind, and curious princess straight from a Disney fairy tale.


How to Draw Ariel

Step 1 – Sketch the Basics

Firstly, draw an oval of the face, already at this stage, you can draw the protrusion of the chin. Further, draw another oval a little lower. After that sketch out the line of the spine and arms.

how to draw ariel step by step

Step 2 – Draw the Eyes of Ariel

Big eyes create an image of a kind and positive hero. Draw the upper and lower eyelids with a few simple lines. Further, draw the pupils inside the outlines of the eyes. Eyelash lines will give Ariel an expressive look.

how to draw ariel easy

Step 3 – Draw the Mouth and Outlines of the Face

Draw the lips just below the nose. Next, using a smooth line, draw the outlines of the cheekbone and chin. After that, draw the arched eyebrows of the sea princess.

how to draw ariel draw so cute

Step 4 – Draw the Bangs of Ariel

We all remember what lush hair Ariel has! It is not so easy to portray such beauty, but we will try. With a couple of simple lines draw the bangs. The lines should be very smooth and wavy.

how to draw a cute ariel

Step 5 – Draw the Upper Part of Hair

Next, draw a large curl flowing down to the shoulder. You don’t have to draw each hair separately. Here it is necessary to draw precisely the outlines of Ariel’s lush hairstyle.

how to draw a cartoon ariel

Step 6 – Draw the Torso of Ariel

With a couple of simple lines draw the thin neck of Princess Ariel. Next, draw the torso with several smooth lines. Note that the torso should taper noticeably at the waist.

how to draw a princess ariel step by step

Step 7 – Draw the Arms of Ariel

Using smooth long lines add volume to the arms. Use the construction lines created earlier to draw the arms. Although Ariel is a fairy-tale character, her image was created on the basis of a real person.

how to draw beautiful ariel

Step 8 – Draw the Hands

Bend the hands to the top, carefully separate the fingers from each other. The thumb takes up half the space of the rest of the fingers.

how to draw ariel step by step easy

Step 9 – Draw the Bottom of the Hairstyle

Remember we drew curls? Let’s go back to them and let them “grow” to the right side. Like the top of the hairstyle, the bottom curls should be drawn using long and flowing lines.

how to draw ariel full body easy

Step 10 – Draw the Torso and Waist Separator

Draw a beautiful belt around the waist. It is this detail that will serve as the beginning for the tail. Ariel’s body seems to “flow” into this tail. Let’s make the belt bulky and framing the waist. Dashes will mark the texture as if it were just beautiful clothes.

how to draw ariel disney

Step 11 – Draw the Tail of Ariel

The tail should be large and massive. To draw the tail, you need to use two long and curved lines. Imagine that you are drawing legs in a long, tight skirt.

 how to draw ariel disney princess

Step 12 – Draw Ariel’s Tail Fin

Use four long and smooth lines to draw the outlines of the fin. Next, using a series of evenly spaced curved lines draw texture on the tail.

how to draw princess ariel easy

Step 13 – Erase the Guidelines

Let’s remove the auxiliary lines and everything else that interferes with the perception of the drawing. Further, using darker and sharper lines, trace Ariel drawing to give it a more cartoonish look.

how to draw ariel from disney

Step 14 – Color Ariel Drawing

It’s time to color the sea princess! Red-fiery hair, emerald green tail, light cappuccino skin, algae-colored eyes, burgundy lips. These are the canon colors of Ariel. But you can add your own unique colors. We always welcome creativity!

How to Draw Ariel

So, Ariel drawing tutorial is over. Did you manage to convey the lively, curious character of the young princess? Emphasize her spontaneity and emotionality? The mysterious depths of the sea keep many secrets, and the inhabitants of the sea can tell many amazing stories. And the most incredible of them, perhaps, will be the story of how we drew Ariel!

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