How to Draw an Ostrich

how to draw an ostrich

Today in this lesson you will learn how to draw an ostrich in just a few simple steps. I’m sure you will like this lesson.

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw an ostrich. This is the largest bird in the world that lives in hot countries.

The growth of an ostrich is greater than the growth of a person. Osteus has strong legs, so while running, ostrich can develop a huge speed and make high jumps. The ostrich has a dense body, a long thin neck, a small head, large eyes and long eyelashes. You see all these features in the figure.

Now you will be in stages to draw a realistic ostrich and a simple instruction that is designed specifically for beginner artists will help you in this. Take all the accessories that are necessary to perform this lesson and do not forget a good mood!

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw an Ostrich

  1. Draw the base.

    Depict the contour of the head and body. To do this, draw two rounded figures of different sizes, while placed a large circle below and, accordingly, place a small circle to draw an ostrich step by step

  2. Add the neck and front of the body.

    Draw the connecting lines between the head and the body. At the same time, add a convex circuit in the front of the to draw an ostrich easy

  3. Sketch out the tail.

    In the back of the body, depict the tail using smooth, rounded lines. At the end of the tail, there are large feathers that hang down to draw ostrich step by step easy

  4. Depict the wing.

    About the middle of the body, draw the wing. To do this, depict the lower contour and add feathers of the same shape as on the to draw a ostrich step by step

  5. Draw the elements on the head.

    When the contour of the head is already ready, you can draw the eye and beak. The ostrich has large eyes that are located on the sides of the head. The beak is wide and to draw a basic ostrich

  6. Depict the legs.

    The moment has come when you need to draw your legs. Try to correctly depict the shape of the legs and draw all physiological to draw an easy cartoon ostrich

  7. Add the lower part of the legs.

    The ostrich is the only bird that has two toes on its foot. The fingers are different sizes. There are large claws at the ends of the to draw a cute ostrich

  8. Correct the inaccuracies.

    You have now drawn the basic outlines of the ostrich’s body. It remains only to remove the extra lines and correct the errors if to draw a cartoon ostrich step by step

  9. Color the ostrich.

    Use a few darker shades to color in the ostrich’s plumage, but don’t forget to depict the darker areas. Color the beak orange. Leave the end of the tail to draw an ostrich

Thanks to our step-by-step guide, you have learned how to draw an ostrich. We hope you liked the instructions and got a good result. Leave your feedback and share your impressions. Also, suggest new ideas, and we will delight you with new, exciting lessons.

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