How to Draw an Octopus

how to draw an octopus

Today we will tell you about how to draw an octopus. We know that you love to draw various exotic animals. Therefore, we again present to you a very unusual creation. It looks like something very hard, but you can get really cool results if you follow a simple sequence of steps. So, let’s try to draw this octopus!

How to Draw an Octopus

Step 1 – Create the base

Firstly, draw the torso. It looks like an elongated oval with a slight curvature in the center. Position this figure in the center of the paper sheet.

how to draw an octopus

Step 2 – Draw the outlines of the octopus tentacles

The tentacles are the main weapon of the octopus. It is also a means of transportation on the seabed and in water. So, draw in this step long, smooth lines that are located in the center and at the bottom of the sheet of paper.

how to draw an octopus for kids

Step 3 – Finish drawing the tentacles

Turn these lines into large, massive tentacles. Each tentacle has a smooth narrowing in the distal direction. Do not forget to draw the relief of the tentacles that help the octopus to fix on various surfaces.

how to draw an octopus step by step

Step 4 – Depict the eyes

Draw the eyes. By the way, octopuses have very large and developed organs of vision, which are barely inferior to the human eye.

how to draw an octopus tentacle

Step 5 – Delete the unnecessary lines

Erase the unnecessary lines from the previous steps. Correct all mistakes and inaccuracies in lines and proportions.

how to draw an octopus cartoon

Step 6 -Color your octopus

Octopuses are pretty colorful guys. Choose any colors you like. Even the most unusual combinations are likely to bear resemblance to real-life animals.

how to draw an octopus

So, we hope this drawing guide has been very helpful to you. Do not forget to write to us about how well you managed to draw this unusual sea animal. We read every comment and adjust our work depending on them.

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