How to Draw an Emoji

How to draw an emoji

If you think that drawing simple things is not very simple, we will try to convince you. That’s why we created this guide on how to draw an emoji.

Step 1

Firstly we draw a regular circle. In many drawing lessons, we ask you not to try to draw perfectly even shapes in the first steps. However, now we will draw straight lines right away because this is a very short guide. If you can draw this circle without the help of auxiliary tools, this will be perfect.

How to draw an emoji for beginners

Step 2

Now we will draw the contours of the eyes. By the way, this is a bit like the eye contours of anime characters. The similarity of the contours can be explained by the fact that emojis were created by Japanese artists who love the anime style.

How to draw an emoji easy step by step

Step 3

So let’s draw a contour of the mouth. This is a large, smiling mouth that occupies almost the entire lower half of the circle from the first step. Try to make sure that the upper edge of the mouth is not too bent.

How to draw an emoji easy

Step 4

Add a little detail for our emoji. This is what distinguishes emoji from the well-known emoticon. We are talking about teeth. It looks like a strip that is parallel to the upper edge of the mouth.

Emoji drawing tutorial

Step 5

Delete the extra lines and erase the whole picture with the eraser. This is a very simple drawing, in fact, but there is a slight nuance. When you draw things or symbols that are familiar to everyone, you cannot tolerate even the slightest inaccuracy because this will ruin the impression of the whole drawing.

Emoji drawings

Step 6

Now add the color. Yellow is the traditional choice for emoji and emoticons. In this tutorial, we will not use shadows so this is a very simple step.

How to draw an emoji

So we hope that this guide on how to draw an emoji was useful to you. Do not forget to write your opinion about our work in the comments. This is the most important reward for us.

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