How to Draw an Atom

 easy atom drawing lesson

We invite you to a new exciting lesson in which you will learn how to draw an atom. The lesson will be very useful for you as you will practice drawing circles and ellipses.

So now you will learn how to draw an atom. This is a particle of matter that has microscopic dimensions and mass. An atom consists of a nucleus and electrons that circle around the nucleus in their orbits. The nucleus consists of protons and neutrons, which are spherical. Now you have to draw all these elements.

We are sure that you will really like the atom drawing lesson because it is simple and very useful. In this tutorial there are very few elements that you will need to draw, so you will need little time to draw the atom drawing. Take your time and carefully step by step you will get an excellent result.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw an Atom

  1. Draw the location of the nucleus.

    Determine the size of your future drawing and use thin lines to draw an even to draw an atom step by step

  2. Mark the position of the ellipses.

    Determine the center of the circle and draw one vertical line and two diagonal lines through to draw an atom easy

  3. Draw the nucleus.

    Depict one circle in the center of the core and around it successively draw several more circles of approximately the same to draw an atom with pencil

  4. Depict one orbit.

    Focus on the lines that you drew earlier and draw the even ellipse, as shown in my to draw an atom cartoon

  5. Add the remaining orbits.

    This step is similar to the previous ones and here you also have to draw the even ellipses that are located to draw an atom chemistry

  6. Sketch out one electron.

    Continue adding elements to your drawing and now draw a small even circle on one of the to draw a simple atom

  7. Draw the second electron.

    On another ellipse, depict the electron as a small even circle. Make sure the circles are the same size.atom drawing lesson

  8. Depict the third electron.

    This check is similar to the previous two steps and here you also have to draw the small electron that is located on the ellipse.atom drawing tutorial

  9. Correct any inaccuracies.

    Compare your drawing with our example and if you notice any inaccuracies, correct them at this stage. Using an eraser, carefully remove all unnecessary lines in the drawing.atom drawing guide

  10. Color the drawing.

    For coloring, you will need gray, red, and blue. Don’t forget to highlight any dark areas.easy atom drawing lesson

Now you can evaluate the result of the work. If something doesn’t work out the first time, try repeating the whole process again until you achieve the desired result. We will be glad to see you among our subscribers on social networks.

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