How to Draw an Alien

How to Draw an Alien

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw an alien. In fact, we can never say for sure what the aliens look like. The world is still waiting for the first contact with aliens, so we can only use the legacy of the great writers – fanatics. We decided to use the most iconic and classic alien look.


How to Draw an Alien

Step 1 – Draw the Outlines of the Head and Torso

Firstly, draw the rough outlines of the head and neck of our alien. The large head looks like an oval with a sharp-pointed downward. The chest and pelvis look much smaller than the head.

how to draw an alien easy

Step 2 – Sketch the Outlines of the Arms and Legs

Mark the upper and lower extremities of the alien using long, elongated sticks. Note the disproportionately long arms. Draw small circles around the joints.

how to draw an alien cute

Step 3 – Sketch Alien Eyes

The traditional appearance of an alien is always distinguished by large, almond-shaped eyes that occupy the main part of the face. The nose and mouth appear as small, barely visible lines.

how to draw an easy cartoon alien

Step 4 – Connect the Alien’s Chest and Pelvis

Connect the alien’s head and torso with a thin, elongated neck. Also, connect the chest and pelvis with two lines with gentle curves.

how to draw an alien easy step by step

Step 5 – Sketch the Alien’s Arms

Draw the final outlines of the hands. There are minimal extensions in the region of the elbow joints, all other parts of the arms taper smoothly downward. Avoid too sharp bends, try to draw very long and thin arms.

how to draw an alien very easy

Step 6 – Sketch the Alien’s Arms

As a rule, drawing fingers and palms is quite challenging. In our today’s lesson, drawing the hands will be a little easier due to the obvious deviations from normal proportions. Please note that our character’s toes hang down almost to the knees.

how to draw green alien

Step 7 – Draw the Alien’s Legs

So, draw the legs of the alien using smooth, tapering, elongated shapes. Barely noticeable thickening we can see only in the shins and upper thighs.

how to draw a grey alien

Step 8 – Draw the Alien’s Feet

Draw small feet. As you can see, the feet do not have the same pronounced imbalance as the palms. Avoid unnecessary detail that can lead to mistakes.

how to draw alien hominid

Step 9 – Color the Alien

Choose the optimal color for this alien. In our case, it is light green. You can choose light blue, light gray, or any other shade. Lighter highlights in the eyes will make your drawing look more vivid.

How to Draw an Alien

So, we have completed this drawing lesson on how to draw an alien. We hope you get a cool and realistic result. Please email us if you encountered any difficulties in creating this tutorial. This will help us work!

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